‘Harry Potter’ Star Matthew Lewis Poses Half Naked In Attitude Magazine Leaving J.K. Rowling Shocked!

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
‘Harry Potter’ Star Matthew Lewis Poses Half Naked In Attitude Magazine Leaving J.K. Rowling Shocked!
Matthew Lewis

Everybody knew Matthew Lewis as the shy Neville Longbottom in “Harry Potter.” However, the British actor has now evolved into portraying more mature roles. This can be seen in his upcoming movie, “Me Before You.”

Matthew Lewis revealed that he has been enjoying his newfound heartthrob status. Recently, he has posed for Attitude magazine’s June Issue in his undies and swimwear. The 25-year-old former Hogwarts student talked about his physical transformation in the 10-page feature of the magazine. People have been talking about his makeover since Harry Potter movies wrapped up in 2011. Lewis admitted that he has undergone intense training to be able to achieve his current physique just in time for his new role in his upcoming movie, reported CBC News.

“I was excited I guess to go on the red carpet on the release of the last film and be me, and not to have to have the fat suit under my t-shirt. It was quite an exciting buzz,” he said.

He also added, “I was 21, I was like “yeah, this’ll be cool!” It was never meant to be a “hey everyone, look at me!” but it was nice to be able to go and be myself.” He also said that a lot of eyes have been glued to his transformation which he has not expected to get. Furthermore he shared that he has never considered himself to be good-looking and that he thinks he is just an average guy.

Matthew Lewis posed for Attitude magazine’s special edition for the underwear and swimwear issue. Matt’s photos rocked the internet last month after fans have been surprised with his new look. Lewis also talked about how his life went after the photos went viral online during a gay press conference.

Meanwhile, we are not the only ones left stunned with Matthew Lewis’ viral photos. Harry Potter book J.K. Rowling was also in awe with the photos she saw of Matt wearing tight undies for the photo shoot of the mag. The best-selling book author said that Matthew Lewis should have warned her as she had to go reading Political Correctness to be able to prevent her eyes from looking.

J.K Rowling posted on Twitter on Thursday saying, “I hastily averted my eyes and read an article on Political Correctness to get over the shock.”

On the other hand, Matthew Lewis quickly responded to J.K.’s tweet saying, “Well, this is awkward. Sorry, Jo…”

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Photo Source: Facebook/Attitude

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