Harry Styles Announces Pregnancy; Plans to Buy His Own Vineyard

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
Harry Styles Announces Pregnancy; Plans to Buy His Own Vineyard
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Harry Styles is famous for tripping on stage or doing anything eye-catching while performing, but this time, Directioners were shocked to hear Harry Styles announces his own pregnancy during the first “On the Road Again” show in Sydney. So, who’s the father? Aside from announcing that he’s pregnant, the One Direction member is also looking into purchasing his own vineyard. Does anyone want some wine?

Styles just dropped the pregnancy bomb during One Direction’s first “On the Road Again” show in Sydney, according to Sugar Scape. In a video uploaded by a fan, Harry Styles tells the fans, “I’m pregnant.”

While it’s obvious that there’s no chance that Styles is pregnant, fans went along and took the discussion on Twitter as to who might be the baby’s father. Some speculated that’s the father is no other than Louis Tomlinson while others believe it’s Ed Sheeran.

Before Directioners begin dreaming of a cute and miniature version of Styles, the singer is reportedly looking to purchase his very own vineyard.

According to Daily Star, Styles has been “talking animatedly” about purchasing his very own vineyard in Santa Barbara during his grand birthday bash. It looks like David Beckham was the one who influenced Styles into purchasing a vineyard.

“Becks was giving him plenty of advice and it was obvious he was the one who planted the idea in Harry’s head,” a source tells the Daily Star.

Styles isn’t the only star with his very own vineyard. The outlet reported that stars like Madonna, Drew Barrymore, Brangelina, Antonio Banderas and Lil Jon also have their own vineyards.

Styles is pretty busy with the tour, though, so he had his financial team in LA look for a small to medium-sized vineyard.

“He reckons it would be classy to have labels saying something like Styles Winery and it’s anything but a gimmick in his mind,” the source added.

Well it’s not really a surprise. Styles was reportedly excited to turn 21 just so he can legally drink in the U.S., but to purchase his very own vineyard? We definitely see some fans hoarding bottles of wine in the future.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/donkeyjacket45


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