Harry Styles Receives Death Threat! Singer To Die On August 25? #HarryBeCareful Became Twitter Trending Topic

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
Harry Styles Receives Death Threat! Singer To Die On August 25? #HarryBeCareful Became Twitter Trending Topic
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It’s a death threat! One Direction fans take a lead to protect their beloved 1D member, Harry Styles by using and trending the hashtag #HarryBeCareful.

Yesterday morning, the hashtag #HarryBeCareful began trending as the news about Harry’s rumored death threat was brought up by the Directioner’s.

The 21-year-old boy band singer became a victim of a not-so inviting Twitter troll as he was threatened to be killed at Metlife Stadium this coming August 5, 2015.

The Twitter account owner was eventually blocked from the social networking site.

As this post was noticed by the fans of the group and Harry’s fans, they immediately plunged into action. According to a tweet, a fan and her friend made the hashtag to try asking for help and get as many people in this post and fandom as possible to help the poor singer, his management, manager, bodyguards, etc. to know about the scary threat. Showing their concern, they also posted that though it’s not sure if Harry will get hurt or not, they want him to be safe.

Though some netizens think that this “death threat” is somewhat insane and the original poster of this looks like he or she only wanted to get noticed and become popular, many fans and even concerned Twitter users took a stand and still continue to use the hashtag.

Based on twitter user’s post, many posted gif’s of Harry being a kind man, doing he does best (looking like a hero), throwback photos, Harry Styles’ memes, Vines, concert photos, they even include a photo of Zayn Malik rescuing him in a concert production.

A fan named Fangirl Problems even posted a collage of a wide angled picture of the whole 1D concert audience with a caption, “This is Harry’s security. You should be scared. We slay who messes with any member of 1D #HarryBeCareful.”

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

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