Harry Styles Mocked About The Situation As He Watched Over His Sister And Her DATE

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Harry Styles Mocked About The Situation As He Watched Over His Sister And Her DATE
Harry Styles mocked about the situation as he kept an eye on her sister and her DATE

“One Direction” member Harry Styles watched over Gemma, his older sister and the guy that she was seeing when they came to watch “One Direction” perform on Tuesday at Camden’s Roundhouse and he constantly kept joking about this situation. Read on

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He and his co-bandmates had captioned a gig for the “Apple Music Festival” and they were backed by “Little Mix.” He also apologized to the crowd as he said that he was distracted and was busy looking after Gemma who had brought her date along with her. He also made an informal remark as he said that they should behave themselves wherever they are, reported the Newsunited.com. Liam Payne also added to this as he said that everyone including the crowd was watching the couple.

Before they were left alone to dance, the duo was spotted to joke around with the two other friends. Styles’ sister and her companion watched clumsily from the gallery as her protective brother said that he found the situation very disgusting while the crowd giggled. This teenage heartthrob did not even leave some guys in the spectators as he made fun of them by saying that there are some of those daddy’s who are not very galvanized and they are waiting for the show to end.

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According to News One Place, this 21-year-old singer was seen performing in a pink shirt which was printed with polka dots. They topped the chart and they totally kicked it off by performing “Steal My Girl” and “Little Black Dress.” He was considerate enough to thanks the audience for joining them. The band also thanked the support from their followers and fans and bid farewell to the crowd with various hit songs such as “Little Things” and “Midnight Memories.”

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The reason that Styles poked his nose so much in her sister’s affair was because he did not wanted that his sister stays away with her date for a too late.

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