Harry Styles Seen With A Gorgeous Lady Together In A Car! : Possible New Girlfriend?

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
Harry Styles Seen With A Gorgeous Lady Together In A Car! : Possible New Girlfriend?

Harry Styles has been linked to some names of beautiful ladies which always send his fans to a different level of emotions or make Twitter explode in just matter of minutes. Expect it to be a trending topic. Recently, there are rumors he is seen with a beautiful brunette in a car. Who is she? Is she her new love interest? Read on.

The photos from the article of Daily Mail, captured they are together at the car with a chauffeur. This happened last Friday night, Sept. 25, 2015. One Direction had just finished their jam-packed gig held at O2 Arena when Styles was seen with this mystery girl.

Before Directioners become crazy in guessing who is this lady and who is she in his life, they can stop overthinking and not worry about anything at all. According to Sugarscape, the mystery woman is Meredith Winston. She is the wife of Ben Winston, the director of most of the four-man group’s music videos. Ben is also a close friend of the 21-year-old star.


So probably fans see it is pointless to still assume there is something romantic going on between them since Meredith is a married woman to his good buddy. However, one can’t simply blame the intriguing eyes of paparazzi and fans for these since he is often silent when it comes to the girls speculated to have a romantic bond with him. Another reason is he was alleged been connected to Caroline Flack and Cara Delevingne. Simply put it in this way: anything that Harry Styles does will make the headlines for his avid followers.

One Direction is currently on-going with their “On The Road Again World Tour”. Soon, they will be on their European leg as well.

While there are no confirmed reports yet if Harry Styles is in a relationship now, Directioners can see more of him and the rest of the group in their gigs before next year’s break.

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Photo Source: One Direction/Facebook

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