Did Harry Styles Speak Disrespectfully About Zayn Malik? One Direction Has Not Changed After Zayn Departed

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Did Harry Styles Speak Disrespectfully About Zayn Malik? One Direction Has Not Changed After Zayn Departed
Harry Styles and Zayn Malik

Harry Styles and his 1D band mates may still have to deal with the after-effects of Zayn Malik’s departure, who left earlier this year, yet Harry shared that much has not altered within his group even after that.

One Direction lost one of its band members in the form of Malik in the month of March this year, as the singer wanted to embark on his solo singing career.

Styles was accompanied by his band mate Nial Horan while sharing this information to a new interview. The duo was also reflecting on the challenges that they faced while creating their fifth and latest music album, “Made in the A.M.”, where they have performed without Malik for the first time, before they apparently spoke a bit disrespectfully about their ex-band mate.

When these two band mates of One Direction were asked about how different things actually were while they made their new album “Made in the A.M.” without the presence of Malik, Harry Styles admitted that the album making was of course different as Malik was not with them anymore but things have not got affected that much.

Harry further elaborated that the ultimate focus and goal of One Direction is to always make the best record and that did not change even after Malik called it quits and departed from 1D to commence his journey of a solo career.

Both Styles and Horan went on to share that the new album would invariably sound a bit different as Malik’s voice is no longer in it, but it is a fact that their band has done wonders as 1D now has a more powerful goal of delivering excellent music for their loyalists and fans.

When Malik made an abrupt departure from the boy band, initially it did cause some difficulties for them as they had to make changes in the setup and production of their latest album but from the versions of these two celebrities, it is clear that One Direction has not lost anything at all.

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