Did Harry Styles Write ‘I Love You’ for Taylor Swift?

By Marie delos Santos | 4 years ago
Did Harry Styles Write ‘I Love You’ for Taylor Swift?
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Fiona McKinlay/Feb. 27, 2013 | Harry Styles at the Take Me Home Tour in Glasgow, Feb. 27, 2013

Harry Styles recently opened up and admitted that he feels lucky to be the subject of some of Taylor Swift’s songs. Is it true that Styles wrote the song entitled “I Love You” for Swift? Read on to learn more about this scoop.

According to Inquistr.com, “The X-Factor U.S.A.” Season 3 winners Alex and Sierra recently hinted about the issue. It was said that one of the songs on their album, “It’s About Us,” may have been written by the One Direction member for”Blank Space” singer and former ex-girlfriend.

It was said that the song, which was included the duo’s debut album, was written by Johan Carlsson and Mick Greenberg. Apparently, this Mick Greenberg was believed to be Styles’ writing alias. Inquistr reported that the song was said to be about “a guy who falls in love with a girl, but he doesn’t know how to express his feelings, which leads the girl to think that he doesn’t care for her.” Ouch!

When the duo was asked about the real identity of Mick Greenberg. The two broke out in laughter and said, “It could be Shaq! We don’t know.”

Entertainment Tonight spliced through the lyrics of the song and looked for lines, which seemed to be referencing to the “Blank Space” singer. The outlet cited the line, “While we laid there on the soft warm ground for a week and thirteen days,” was referencing to Swift’s lyrics from her song “I Knew You Were Trouble,” which reads, “Now I’m lying on the cold, hard ground.” The number thirteen is also known as Swift’s favorite number. The song’s, “I won’t trouble you no more” was cited as another hint that “I Love You” was indeed written by Styles for Swift.

In another Entertainment Tonight article, Styles also recently admitted how he feels to become the subject of some of Swift’s songs in an interview with Ben Winston.

When asked if he feels odd when people write songs about him, Styles answered that he thinks everyone writes from experience. He just can’t be too hypocritical to tell them that they can’t write about them. Styles added that Swift’s “really good, so they’re good songs. I’m really lucky in that sense.”

Liam Payne helped fans to voice out their feelings after hearing Styles’ response as Payne applauded Styles for his beautiful answer.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Fiona McKinlay


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