‘Hart of Dixie’ Gets the Axe

By April Lara | 3 years ago
‘Hart of Dixie’ Gets the Axe
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According to TorontoSun.com, “Hart of Dixie” is currently running on its fourth season and as much as we love that Zoe and Wade are now having a baby and they’re back together, George and Anabeth, Lavon and Lemon are now couples, the question hangs around, will the show still get renewed for a fifth season? Read on for more details.

Unfortunately, Jaime King has confirmed that her show has been cancelled. Before that news broke, though, the show’s creator Leila Gerstein has been dropping hints that the show wouldn’t return for a fifth season earlier this month.

Gerstein has been promoting the final episodes of “Hart of Dixie” via Twitter. And even tweeted, “No one out there loves #HOD more than me. I would have gone 17 years! but I assure you, we prepared for this… and the finale will be tremendously satisfying to all.”

The reason behind the cancellation? Poor ratings. Scott Porter took to Twitter and said, “Folks wondering why HartOfDixie got canned? Simple number game folks. Ratings still matter and dictate wins and losses. You have to WATCH.” However, he deleted this tweet after a few hours.

It’s sad that this is going to be the last time that we are going to see the Blubell residents but then again, the show had a good four- year run, which is something already because not all TV series can reach that point unless the show is really good. On a happy note, fans can count on Gerstein and the other people behind the show to give them an epic finale, just like what Gerstein promised the fans of the show.

How do you think “Hart of Dixie” will end? Are you sad that the show has been axed? Let us know by posting your comments below!

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