Hart of Dixie Season 4 Recap: 61 Candles

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Hart of Dixie Season 4 Recap: 61 Candles
Hart of Dixie Season 4 Recap: 61 Candles

In “Hart of Dixie” Season 4, Episode 8 “61 Candles,” there are a lot of things to celebrate: first there was Wanda’s new baby and second, it’s Brick’s birthday! But there seems to be a problem with Bluebell residents’ memories because they seemed to be too caught up with Wanda’s baby that they have forgotten another important occasion! Oops! And that took matters in an emotional ride.

Everyone at Bluebell was excited to see Wanda’s baby. Literally, people line dup outside of Wanda’s house just to see the baby. Tom and Wanda were so exhausted while Zoe and Wade were with them inside the house. Zoe asked Wade to give her the baby and Wade had a nervous look on his face because he never actually held a baby ever in his life! Wanda was surprised to learn about this and she handed over the baby to Wade and there it was: the good-looking, muscled hot man was holding a baby and it was the most adorable thing ever. Zoe appreciated it the most, and that was evident by the look on her face.

Meanwhile, Brick thought that there’s a birthday surprise for him since everyone’s at Wanda’s. He thought it was just a sort of distraction to throw him off the birthday surprise trail. Then he got a text that there’s a town meeting that day. He thought his birthday surprise was about to happen a day early but when he got there he was disappointed that there was a real town meeting that Lavon called for because he needed help with Tom’s odd jobs.

Lemon got assigned to do Tom’s job at the barn, but things didn’t go well for her there and Lavon teased her. And then, fed up with the mishaps she’s had at the barn, she professed her love for him in front of all the other volunteers at the barn. Now, that was so cute!

The next day, when Zoe and Wade got into Lavon’s kitchen, they were surprised that there were no pastries or even pancakes around. Zoe told Wade over breakfast that she’s desperate to find an heirloom to pass down to their son, but the problem was she never knew Harley and the only thing that Wade’s got from Earl was a neon beer sign over his crib before. Enters Lavon with a box of pastries, followed by Lemon in her pajamas. Zoe and Wade were shocked. Zoe and Lemon fought over a cupcake and got reprimanded by Lavon and Wade. The ladies promised that they will try to work out their relationship with each other.

Meanwhile, George asked Anabeth not to tell his parents about his music and what he wants to do with it. However, it’s Bluebell and things always have a way to come out and when it did, Anabeth was the first person to praise George for his hard work and told everyone that George is now named Meatball for his country name and has a record deal. George’s dad softened and it ended with a lot of hugs.

Zoe and Lemon went out to have a girl date because this is them “working out their relationship” at Stanley’s new mobile spa. It turns out that Lemon had a lot of demands in order for them to work together and this caught Zoe off guard. Out of frustration, Zoe revealed that all she wants is something to pass on to her son.

While they were having their spa time, Wade tried to get an heirloom and found out that Harley had some Norman Rockwell prints in his old office. So he and Lavon decided to take Harley out for fishing to get some information on it. Still, no birthday surprise is happening for Brick, which is why he’s in a very bad mood. And that’s when he said that it’s his birthday and they all forgot then he calmed down and told Wade that the paintings were sold years ago.

Tom was so exhausted that he ran in his car into the mobile spa where Zoe and Lemon were. It was awkward because the two looked for each other when the car hit. That night, Lavon and Wade hosted an impromptu birthday surprise for Brick and Lemon gave Zoe an heirloom to pass on: an old wooden duck, which Harley made for her when she was little.

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