Hart of Dixie Series Finale Recap: Bluebell

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Hart of Dixie Series Finale Recap: Bluebell
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Hart of Dixie” Season 4 Finale, Episode 10 “Bluebell” showed two weddings, a birth and a musical number to wrap it up. Indeed, it is the end of the series but it managed to give us the best ending ever. Read below for the full recap.

The episode kicked off with Zoe in a bad mood. It was because he found out that Brick has hired a new associate, Dr. Halston. To make matters worse, Halston thought she was a nurse. After being insulted, she took it up to Brick who showed her a sign that says “Breeland, Hart & Associate.”

Meanwhile, with the “accidental” proposal that Lavon staged, he really is pushing thru with it and held and engagement party at Fancie’s. Brick’s trying to take control of the whole engagement party thing because he wants Lemon to have the best party. It was until Halston informed him that all the staff at Fancie’s had food poisoning, but he has managed to treat them.

Lemon was freaking out so Brick sent her home and asked Wade to keep her there until the party. This made Lemon suspicious and Wade told her that the staff at Fancie’s are sick, but Brick is handling things very well.

The townspeople were all gathered at Fancie’s to celebrate Lavon and Lemon’s engagement. AB was thrilled to share with Cricket and Jacine that George assured her that their relationship wouldn’t be long distance forever. AB thought that this meant that George will eventually return to Bluebell but she was wrong because George was thinking along the lines of her moving to Nashville for him. AB felt pressured because she doesn’t want to leave town.

When Lemon got to the party, she was so happy. Lavon felt guilty that he admitted to her that the proposal was actually Zoe’s for Wade. Lemon got upset and then Zoe’s water broke so they rushed her to the hospital.

During labor, Wade and Zoe decided to get married at the hospital and their friends gathered everything they need including a reverend. Lavon, on the other hand, asked George to go to the Rammer Jammer to get Lemon so he can propose.

Just before giving birth, Zoe and Wade got married at the hospital as well as Lemon and Lavon. And when the baby was born things got musical and it was the perfect series finale.

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