Hart of Dixie Season 4 Recap: Bar-Be-Q Burritos

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Hart of Dixie Season 4 Recap: Bar-Be-Q Burritos
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Just before Valentine’s Day, a matchmaking happened in “Hart of Dixie” Season 4, Episode 5 “Bar-Be-Q Burritos.” Who and was it successful? While Zoe and Wade faced another problem in their lives with the baby coming and all. How did things turn out? That’s for you to find out in our recap below.

Lemon played cupid by trying to get Annabeth and George together. However, she didn’t get the results that she wanted. And as for her and Lavon, I think that they really look cute together but somehow, the two of them seem to be fighting harder to hide their feelings for each other.

To make matters worse for Lemon, Annabeth and George figured out that Lemon was setting it up. Annabeth expressed her thoughts on this by telling Lemon that she did something like that because she was acting from a selfish place. There are sparks between Annabeth and George though but it’s actually too soon to tell if they’re going to be a couple. As for Lemon, she wants Lavon but she has to have Annabelle come around to get her blessing so that they could be together.

Meanwhile, Wade and Zoe were doing great. It was until Zoe worried over how they are going to cope financially with the baby especially with the Rammer Jammer losing business. Zoe’s emotional outbursts were pretty entertaining and cute, though. Wade got responsible. It is pretty nice that he tries to prove that he’s going to be a really good father and a partner to Zoe. In fact, they’ll do just fine once the baby comes.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Warner Bros. Television, The CW

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