Hart of Dixie Season 4 Recap: Red Dye #40

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Hart of Dixie Season 4 Recap: Red Dye #40
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It’s time to let the town know that Zoe and Wade are back together and are expecting a child – but before they could do that, someone got poisoned during the town’s talent show and several people were put under investigation. Zoe struggles with butterflies in her stomach while Wade plays it cool. Read below for the full recap of “Hart of Dixie” Season 4 Episode 4 entitled “Red Dye #40.”

Shelby suffered from anaphylactic shock due to the chocolate she had eaten that contained red dye no. 40, and this was definitely a case especially that there was $25,000 on the line. Sgt. Bill investigated the case and he had a list of suspects.

The witness is Rose who was in Shelby’s dressing room the whole time. Sgt. Bill’s first suspect was Wanda because she wants to get herself a barn for her pet goat, but she was proven not guilty as she was actually in Shelby’s dressing room that time, fixing Shelby’s costume because her goat ate it. Next up was Stanley because he’s the kind of the person who always wants to be Bluebell’s star and he was gone for 2 hours during the time Shelby got poisoned. However, just like Wanda he was proven not guilty because he has a witness who said that he was making out with Sadie in Shelby’s dressing room that time. And that means he’s saying goodbye to Cricket!

The third suspect was Rudy because he has to pay the judge’s truck and he needs the money, but he was proven not guilty simply because he doesn’t even know what red dye no. 40 is! Then we had Anabeth who became a suspect because she wants to buy back Francie’s; and surprisingly, there’s a strong evidence against her because she was the one who gave Shelby the box of chocolates, but she said that she checked the ingredients of the box and she was sure that it doesn’t contain red dye no. 40.

Lemon was up next because she wants Shelby to win so she could let her run Francie’s when she buys it, but she had an alibi that she really wanted to keep a secret: Lavon manipulated the talent show so she could get the money and buy Francie’s back and she also doesn’t want AB to know that Lavon told her that he loves her.

Meanwhile, Zoe and Wade were draped in tablecloths, and Zoe was having a nervous breakdown because she doesn’t want the whole town to know that they are dating. She also admitted that she’s not ready to answer questions about the baby, wedding and other stuff that they are going to deal with in the figure. Wade was all calm and assured Zoe that they are in this together. Zoe then had a quick realization and figured out that Rose was the one who poisoned Shelby because the powder was all over Rose’s hands and it was all over Shelby’s mic. She also admitted that she and Wade are back together and she’s pregnant.

In the end, Shelby won the talent show and gave the money to Lemon to get Francie’s back and the Truitt brothers were hired to to play at the Rammer Jammer and got George to be their manager. Wade helped Zoe avoid the questions from the Bluebell people, and Wanda can now keep her goat.

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