Hart of Dixie Season 4 Recap: The Curling Iron

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Hart of Dixie Season 4 Recap: The Curling Iron
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And “Hart of Dixie” Season 4 is back again with Episode 2 “The Curling Iron.” If you missed it, I have the full recap for you below.

Okay, Zoe has now found out that she’s pregnant. It is the reason why she’s avoiding Wade like the plague even after he told her that he loves her. At breakfast, Lavon knew that something’s up with Zoe. She also thinks that she and Wade had a fight. And right on cue, Wade walked in on them and Lavon asked him what’s wrong. Wade said that he told Zoe that he loves her, but she slammed the door in his face.

When it comes to secrets, it looks like Zoe isn’t the only one who has one because Brick and Shelby are still having a secret relationship. It’s not really a secret because AB knows when AB walked in on them making out. Then there’s Henry Dalton who might be keeping a secret as well. George and Lavon found out that Henry has been sending flowers to his mother every week. George thinks that something’s odd about that. He and Lavon went to the flower shop to find out the delivery address where the roses were being sent to.

Lemon talked to Wade and gave him advice by telling Wade to saying sorry to Zoe and get a haircut. At the school, Zoe was asked by Rose to give sex talk to the young girls. Things were going well until the students started asking questions. When Zoe heard the word “condom” she loses it and tells everyone that they can’t have sex. Another friend asked Zoe what’s going on with her. Zoe explained what she’s keeping through a curling iron, hence the episode’s title.

After all the secrets, Brick finally professed his love for Shelby and Lemon came clean about Henry. This made Brick admit the truth about Shelby to his mother. As for George and Lavon’s trip, they got to the house of the rose recipient. They asked the man of the house if he thinks that his wife is cheating on him with Henry and right on cue, flowers arrived and the maid swooned.

Wade tried it again with Zoe and told her about his plans, but Zoe only let him down again and walked away. Lemon and AB found Zoe in the bathtub. Lemon told Zoe that she’s going to be a great mom. And then Wade ran into Zoe again and that’s when Zoe admitted that she’s pregnant with his baby. Wade laughed and Zoe told him that she doesn’t need him to raise the child because she can do it on her own.

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