Hart of Dixie Season 4 Spoilers: New Hot Bachelors Coming Your Way!

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Hart of Dixie Season 4 Spoilers: New Hot Bachelors Coming Your Way!
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It may be a long wait before the Season 4 of “Hart of Dixie” starts airing again, but the wait is worth it because the show has a plethora of hot bachelors who will be joining the cast. Not to mention the fact that there are already hot bachelors on the show. Who’s joining the cast this upcoming season of “Hart of Dixie”? Read further to find out!

TV Line reported that Ian Anthony Dale (“Hawaii Five-O”) has landed a recurring role in the series as Henry Dalton, a very hot doctor. There is a big chance that he will catch the attention of Lemon Breelan,d and his character will definitely make the Bluebell ladies swoon. His character is described as friendly, kind, funny and sweet. Just imagine those qualities all jammed in one hot doctor! Now, that’s definitely a catch. Let’s not forget the fact that his character is also one of the richest and most connected men in the south. That’s just a wow! He’s definitely the kind of man that every woman wants and every man wants to be.

The good news is that Dale is not the only hot gentleman who’s joining the cast this season because he’s going to have to compete with a crew of hot firefighters who will make you wish that your house is on fire for these firefighters to come to your house.

There is also a Bluebell guy who’s going to join the crew of firefighters this season but no details yet on who.

“Hart of Dixie” Season 4 will definitely heat your nights when it returns to TV. Things are bound to get hotter this season, and we really can’t wait on how Dale’s character will turn things around. Will it complicate things, or will it change things for the better? Either way, we are so happy he’s on board and that there are firefighters coming our way, too! This is going to be amazing.

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