Hatfields & McCoys Tops Ratings

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The History Channel is the winner in the battle between the Hatfields & McCoys. The cable channel produced a miniseries about the warring families. It has set cable viewing recording according to the Nielsen Co. numbers released last Thursday.but the numbers doesn’t compare to the records of broadcast TV. Hatfields McCoys

According to History, the three nights of Hatfields & McCoys were the top-rated entertainment telecasts for ad-supported cable. The finale of the miniseries aired last Wednesday and it was the most-watched of the three nights with 14.3 million viewers. That made it the top non-sports and non-news program ever on ad-supported cable.

All three parts of the miniseries occupy the top three spots in the cable record books. The first two parts of the star-studded drama miniseries got 13.9 million and 13.1 million viewers, respectively. Aside from Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton, the miniseries featured Tom Berenger, Mare Winningham, and Powers Boothe.

Cable networks are now dominating the miniseries category, which was abandoned by TV broadcasters. But even with its record number of viewers, the numbers are lower than television’s glory days. During the 1977 finale of ABC’s historical epic Roots, more than 36 million viewers tuned in.

The previous top-rated basic cable entertainment program was Crossfire Trail, which is a Western drama is made in 2001 by TNT. Costner and Paxton starred as the patriarchs of the West Virginia and Kentucky clans whose violent clashes were rooted in the American Civil War. History Channel said that the miniseries will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on July 31.

In related news, it was reported that Charlize Theron is shopping a series that is a modern take on the Hatfields & McCoys. Her Denver and Delilah Productions have taken their project to ABC, where they have a meeting scheduled next week. John Glenn is said to be the writer with Theron as the producer.

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