Haven Season 5 Recap: Chemistry

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Haven Season 5 Recap: Chemistry
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With the new bond between Duke and Mara, will they find the aether? And who really is Charlotte? Finally, the answers to those questions have been revealed in “Haven” Season 5 Episode 12 “Chemistry.” Read on for the full recap.

Duke was busy tracking down the aether. Now that his trust towards Mara has somehow leveled up, he allowed her to roam freely in the cabin even in the neighborhood. He got a call from Mara who seemed distressed. He rushed back to the cabin but found the place in pieces and Mara gone. He found some DNA and sent it to Gloria and found out that it’s Kirk’s — the oxygen-sucking man.

Nathan was also on a mission to find the aether so he and Duke went at Kirk’s. He also tried to talk to Duke regarding his trust in Mara. Duke didn't listen, and he hit Nathan over the head. Duke then found Kirk and asked him about the aether. A fight ensued, and some of Kirk’s blood got on Duke. This triggered a “hulky” Duke and Kirk’s death was imminent that time. This means that Duke got another trouble in his system.

Duke won’t stop, and he came across one of Kirk’s friends, but they didn't have a clue about the aether. Duke became “hulky” again that Kirk’s friends ran inside the trailer to protect themselves. However, the oxygen got sucked out of the trailer. Since there wasn’t blood exchanged, Duke managed to transfer Kirk’s trouble to one of his friends.

Nathan recovered from Duke’s hit, and he found him at the Gull. It was just when they were about to talk a UPS guy game to Duke carrying a package that contains the aether’s canister and Mara’s toe. That’s when Duke realized that it was all Mara’s plan all along. He was so upset he started to cry, and surprisingly, his tears weren’t real tears but aether. Mara turned Duke to be her aether supply.

Meanwhile, Vince thought that Charlotte was not who they think she is despite the fact that Dwight trusts her completely. Vince stole a DNA sample of Charlotte and sent it to Gloria, and he also found Audrey’s file in her car. Audrey trusted Charlotte until Vince showed him the file Charlotte has of her, and Audrey decided to help him investigate on Charlotte.

When the DNA results came, they found out that there was really a Dr. Charlotte Cross working for the CDC, but it didn't match the DNA of the “Charlotte” in front of them. They confronted her, and Charlotte even tried to worm her way out of it until they showed her the ring that they found inside her car. That’s when she admitted that she’s Audrey’s mother.

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