Haven Season 5 Recap: Chosen

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Haven Season 5 Recap: Chosen
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The latest episode of “Haven” Season 5 Episode 13 “ Chosen” has put an end to someone’s life. Read on for the full recap.

Now that we know the true identity of Charlotte, we also learned her plan — she wants to get to Mara and get her through the thinny, and she hopes to save Audrey in the process as well. Nathan and Audrey were out looking for Mara, but Nathan left her inside the car because she’s dying. Nathan wanted to keep her safe as much as possible until Mara showed up and put a gun at Audrey’s head.

Mara told Audrey that she has a message for her mother. She told her to tell Charlotte that she will go into the thinny with her mom, but if she doesn’t agree, Duke will explode. But we all know that when Mara dies, Duke will explode as well. Duke was left with no choice.

Almost all the police in Haven were locked in the station because Duke exploded. it triggered someone else’s trouble that locked them inside. At the same time, it has locked also some kids on a boat.

Meanwhile, Audrey told Charlotte Mara’s message, and she came up with an alternative. She suggested that Audrey and Mara work together because Audrey’s goodness may overpower Mara’s evil side. Through that, it might take away the evil in Mara.

Audrey agreed, but of course, Nathan wasn’t really up for this. Nathan doesn’t want Audrey to sacrifice herself, but since Audrey made her choice, he chose to respect it. Before she works with Mara, she helped a man out of his trouble, and this freed the policemen and as well as the kids in the boat.

When they got to where Mara is, Charlotte explained her side and told her that she’s sorry for the last 660 years that she was away. We found out that Mara’s anger was because she blames Charlotte for the death of her father. When Charlotte took Mara and Audrey in her arms, they both combined, and a white blast rippled. We only found Audrey after that. Mara’s dead.

And Duke didn’t explode, but he had a seizure. Aether balls came out of his eyes and hit the people in Haven, which means that Haven is now infected.

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