Haven Season 5 Recap: Exposure

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Haven Season 5 Recap: Exposure
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Nathan was still stuck in ghost world, while Mara remained uncooperative. Audrey and Duke didn't have a choice but to take matters into their own hands. They decided to enlist the help of the Darkside Seekers. If you missed “Haven” Season 5 Episode 8 “Exposure,” read below for the full recap.

Seth, a Darkside Seeker, came immediately to the rescue. He said that he needs to make a device to be able to talk to ghosts. While the device was being made, Audrey tried to figure out the shadow people trouble on her own.

Meanwhile, Nathan was solving a homicide in the ghost world, and Morgan gave him a lead that there’s a guy there that acts suspiciously. What Nathan didn’t see was that it was Morgan after all. If Morgan comes back to the real world, he’ll be back in his body that has cancer. All along, Nathan thought that it’s all Reggie’s fault. But in reality it was not. Oblivious to that fact, Nathan and Morgan went to the police station to track down Reggie, and he shot him on the back.

The device was done, but with one major flaw — it has to be connected to a ghost. Seth tried to attach the wires to Audrey, but Audrey didn’t want to. That rang a bell to her because when Reggie disappeared, he wasn’t standing. He was on his knees with his hands up. She looked at the photos again at the farmer’s market, and she noticed that the missing people's shadows didn't match what they look like when they disappeared, but the photos did. It turned out that the troubled person was Amy because she’s Morgan’s fiancée.

Seth and Audrey went over to Amy’s house, and she noticed that Nathan’s jacket was somehow ruined at the pocket. She knew that it wasn’t there before. The injuries that the ghosts got from the ghost world were transferred to the pictures. Audrey finally decided that she’s going to the other side, so Amy took her photo. However, nothing happened.

Meanwhile, Duke was still trying to extract information from Mara, but she didn't want to until she asked Duke to tell her about his mother. He was reluctant at first but still gave in and told the story of his mother. He told her that he grew up with a mother, and he basically raised himself because his father died. Duke saw her mom on the street, but she didn’t recognize him.

That’s when Mara finally admitted what she knows. She said that she made a painting trouble wherein the subject of the photo would disappear once the painting is complete. With this information, Amy printed Audrey’s photo, and Audrey was transported to the other side right away. However, when she got there, she was greeted with a surprising scene.

She saw Nathan knocked out, and Morgan was pointing a gun at her. Morgan told her fiancée through the device that Seth made to take a picture of herself and print it so she could crossover to end the trouble. Amy did, and she finally let go of her fiancé. After that, Amy, Morgan, Audrey and Nathan went back to the real world; but Morgan still has his gun on Nathan and Audrey. When they got back, Seth saved the day by knocking Morgan out.

In other news, Dave was still in the hospital to get a biopsy, but Vince tried to steal the sample from his wound, but he got caught. Luckily, Dave saved him. They went back to Haven and enjoyed a drink at The Grey Gull, but they got interrupted by the CDC due to Dave’s injury. We finally saw Dr. Charlotte Cross.

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