Haven Season 5 Recap: Morbidity

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Haven Season 5 Recap: Morbidity
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What happened while Dr. Cross was in town? In the latest episode of “Haven” Season 5, Episode 9 “Morbidity,” how did manage CDC’s involvement in town? Did Duke finally give in to Mara? Read on for the full recap.

Dr. Cross was very curious to find out the real reason behind the disease that seems to be threatening the town of Haven. What she didn't know was that what’s on Dave’s leg was actually normal when you got injured in the little town. She’s determined to dig deep and find the real cause behind it. She thought that it’s contagious and might just create havoc and might be a problem for the CDC. Now, she wanted to take things under control so as not to create further damage.

Meanwhile, Dave’s having some crazy blue dreams. It was getting worse because he can now see dead people in the woods, as well as a scary carvings in the tree. Dave called Chris Brody to tell Dr. Cross that Dave’s leg was bitten by a jellyfish. This was a ploy to get her out of town, especially that Dave’s not in a good condition anymore.

However, it wasn’t only Dave’s leg that Dr. Cross was interested in. She discovered a new disease while she was out with Dwight when a few people in the restaurant suddenly collapsed. These people have fever and blister on their lips. It turned out that such “disease” only attacks people with troubles. There were a lot of troubled people in town, which meant a lot of patients coming in the hospital.

Audrey was out to help Eve because she’s facing a different trouble. It involved dancing bears that switch from just dancing bears to empty, then it will suddenly transform into something that contains the dead father of Eve. Audrey had a difficult time, so she asked Mara’s help, but she wasn’t much of a help. Fortunately, Audrey was able to figure things out by herself.

Nathan and Dwight tried to keep the situation under control in the morgue, but the disease was getting more difficult to control. Dr. Cross was still there, and due to the epidemic, she put Haven under quarantine. Dr. Cross tried to call for backup, but Dwight was faster than her. He summoned a girl who can create lightning through her trouble to take down the cell tower.

Amidst the chaos and pressure, Dwight cracked a little when he called off Nathan for only caring about Audrey while Duke caring only for himself. In other news, Mara was still up with her games and even went nude in front of Duke and convinced him to join her. It looked like Duke’s a little more convinced now, especially that Mara got to him when she told him that his friends will turn on him. Duke believed that.

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