Haven Season 5 Recap: Mortality

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Haven Season 5 Recap: Mortality
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There's something we should know about Charlotte in “Haven” Season 5 Episode 10 “Mortality.” Read on to learn more about this episode.

The town was still in chaos due to the contagious disease that was killing people. Rebecca and Stan were put to the task to guard the exits and not let anyone get through. However, Audrey needed to go but the two wouldn’t let her until Nathan pulled up and talked to them, and they were off.

Nathan and Audrey were on a mission to find the man that is causing this contagious disease in Haven. Since all of the victims got food poisoning, their first suspect was the delivery guy, Victor, who checked himself in jail. When they got to them, Victor told them that he’s sick and has the ability to see the death of everyone he touches. His trouble was due to the disease, which means that he can’t be the source of the plague in town.

Nathan left Audrey with Victor, and Audrey started coughing. This gave Victor the chance to touch her and told her that she’ll die the same time as her sister, which means when Mara dies, she dies as well.

Nathan took Audrey to the hospital, and Nathan got another lead, Pete, the doctor, because he was the only person Victor delivered to, and the disease happened. He tried to talk to Pete and control his emotions, but he can’t understand emotions.

Meanwhile, Dwight took Charlotte to a different part of town and told her about the trouble. However, Charlotte didn’t buy it, so he called some of her guard friends for help. Charlotte found the whole genetic marking very interesting, so she decided to find a cure for the disease and even maybe for the troubles. In order to do so, she needs aether.

Duke’s only concern was to get Charlotte out of town, and the only person he could think of that could do this was Mara. He has a plan up on his sleeve — he’s going to use the aether to manipulate the cause of the disease — so they went to Haven PD to get the aether. But Dwight interrupted and took the aether to give it to Charlotte. Duke and Mara went after the aether to the hospital until they encountered Kirk, who’s pissed, so Duke had to knock him out. However, knocking him out sucked the oxygen in the hospital.

Dwight was there too, and they fought. Duke was able to get Mara out of the building, but Mara wasn’t able to retrieve the aether. Pete was there suddenly and told Duke to kill him to stop his trouble. Of course, Duke couldn’t do this until Mara did but told Duke to finish him off.

While all of these were happening, Vince tried to contact the CDC and managed to acquire some information. It turned out that the CDC didn’t send someone to Haven, which means that Charlotte is up to something.

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