Haven Season 5 Recap: Nowhere Man

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Haven Season 5 Recap: Nowhere Man
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Finally, Audrey is back, but not everything is going their way when they discovered the downside of her return and when Nathan disappeared in “Haven” Season 5 Episode 7 "Nowhere Man."  

The return of Audrey doesn’t mean that Mara is gone. Nathan and Duke decided to keep her because she might have a connection with Audrey that might be useful in the future. Meanwhile, Nathan and Audrey shared an intimate moment when they went home to the Grey Gull. Nathan was so happy to be with her. Unfortunately, he can’t hide the fact that there’s something different about Audrey because he can’t feel her anymore.

The reason why Nathan can’t feel her anymore was because she’s lost her connection to his troubles when Duke brought her back. It also means that she is now a mortal. Just when they planned to spend the day together, they got interrupted by a call. It was said that three people went missing, and these people only left their shadows behind. All of the victims went to the farmer’s market so Nathan went there without Audrey.

Nathan didn’t find anything at the market so he went back to the station and gave Audrey a call to update her. He mysteriously disappeared and left a shadow in this office. He was in a different place where he met a man in the same situation. The man told him that they are ghosts, and he should go to the cemetery for ghost orientation. He met a man named Morgan who seems to be the oldest ghost there. He told Nathan that they are in purgatory, so he should start moving on because he can’t have any connection with the living anymore. 

Mara hasn’t been very helpful to Duke. She gave in to help him if Duke gives her the Crocker journal. However, Duke didn’t agree. It turned out that Nathan was in the same room as Mara’s, and Mara can see him. Nathan asked her to send a message to Duke and Audrey, but Mara was uncooperative. However, she gave to his request.

Meanwhile, Audrey was searching for her trouble when a guard saw her and captured her. Audrey kept telling him that she’s Audrey, not Mara, but the guard didn’t buy it. He wanted her to manipulate their troubles, but Audrey can’t do that now. Luckily, Duke saved her.

Back in purgatory, Morgan told Nathan that he should gather all the shadow stuff in the cemetery so his friends can bring him back. Nathan was surprised to find out his friend there dead, which means that ghosts can be killed as well.

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