Haven Season 5 Recap: The Old Switcheroo Part 2

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Haven Season 5 Recap: The Old Switcheroo Part 2
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In the latest episode of “Haven” Season 5, Episode 6 “The Old Switcheroo Part 2,” they were able to stop the trouble that’s causing almost everyone to switch bodies. Did they get Audrey back? That’s what you have to find out. Read on for the full recap.

Now that Duke and Nathan have switched, they are now planning to use this to their advantage to make Audrey come out for real. However, Duke’s condition is getting worse, which means that he needs to release a trouble or else he’ll explode. Another problem happened when Crocker’s eyes started to bleed from his eyes and his blood shouldn’t touch the ground or another trouble will be released.

On the other hand, Wuornos has an idea in mind: find a trouble that can help them. Duke and Nathan thought that if they let Crocker’s blood touch the ground and release a trouble, they could use that to get Audrey out from Mara. The problem was that Mara is immune to troubles, but they were unsure whether or not she’s immune to Duke’s troubles because she wasn’t able to fathom Duke when Crocker had a trouble.

Meanwhile, Vince and Dave visited Allisson again to ask him for the truth. And finally, she revealed to them that Jeffrey is actually Skip, her husband, and they switched. He cheated on her, so Jeffrey confronted him because he’s in love with Allison. However, things went bad after the whole confrontation thing, and Allison had to put Skip in a mental facility in Haven. With the truth finally out, Vince and Dave came up with a better plan: they need to get Skip and Jeffrey together so both could switch and the switching trouble will then stop.

Back at the mental hospital, Nathan locked Duke and Mara inside the room, and Duke cut his hand and let it touch the ground. However, Mara taunted him that she can’t do it. Nathan encouraged him, but then orderlies came because Mara was causing such a commotion. She used this to her advantage and said that the two guys were trying to hurt her, and that’s when she escaped.

Just when Dwight and Gloria were almost there to catch Jeffrey, Mara intercepted and grabbed him. Mara planned to take Jeffrey as hostage while she waited for Duke to explode because that means Nathan will die too. She kept Jeffrey safe so no one can get to them, and so Jeffrey and Skip wouldn’t be able to switch bodies.

Vince and Dave were unaware of what’s happened because they are out to get Skip. At first, Skip was reluctant to go with them because he said he can’t face his brother. Fortunately, they were able to persuade him, but on the way, Skip had a flashback. Vince suddenly lost control of the car, and it crashed into a tree.

Back in the mental facility, Nathan was able to get him and Duke out of the room and back at the Grey Gull with Mara. Outside, Jeffrey was waiting for Skip, and he arrived. The two hugged, and the trouble stopped. Everyone switched back. Nathan asked Duke to cut his hand and let his blood drop to the ground, and he did. At first, Mara started laughing because she was so confident that his trouble won’t work on her. But when they heard breathing behind the counter and found a naked woman lying there, it worked because Audrey Parker is back.

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