Haven Season 5 Recap: See No Evil

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Haven Season 5 Recap: See No Evil
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After a five-month hiatus, “Haven” is finally back for its fifth season, and we couldn’t be happier! Read on to find out what happened in “See No Evil.”

The episode, “See no Evil,” kicked off after the collapse of the cave, which we have seen at the Season 4 finale. Gloria and Vicki were unaware of the whole cave devastation as we saw them having a pleasant morning with Aaron in the gazebo. As for Gloria, she’s still struggling with her new responsibility as Aaron’s guardian, especially when Aaron started to cry. His cry couldn’t hurt anybody anymore because as we can all recall, Duke has killed Aaron’s father, but Vicki was still not comfortable with Aaron crying. She tried to amuse him, and it was so peaceful and pleasant until the ground started to shake.

The lighthouse crumbled in front of them, while Dwight and Duke woke up by the shore. All they could remember was William returning to the other side. We then saw what happened to Dave and Vince, who were both gravely injured and were in the woods. Nathan, on the other hand, was in a different side of the woods, and he found Audrey there as well. However, surprise! Surprise! It wasn’t the real Audrey, but it was a trap — it was Mara. Mara tied him to a fence, but Nathan, still hopeful, believed that Audrey was still inside of Mara, and he has no plans on giving up on her.

Sure, Mara has Audrey’s memories. Then again, Audrey is not Mara. Eventually, she was fed up of Nathan doubting her, so she decided to just knock him out and look for Jennifer. Duke, at the same time, was looking for Jennifer, and he was getting really anxious because the last time we he saw Jennifer, she was screaming that she wasn’t breathing anymore. Until now, no one has seen her yet.

Stan made a cameo to tell Duke that no one has seen Jennifer. The damage to the lighthouse worried Bill Stevens the most, and because of that, he documented every thing because he knows that that lighthouse can withstand such damage, and they seriously couldn’t afford a new one. Bill tried to scout the whole area until his eyes were sewn shut. Duke and Nathan have a feeling that it was Mara’s doing, but Dwight didn’t have any idea about it, so he pushed through with his own process of scouting the damaged area.

However, the lighthouse was destroyed, which means that the door to the other side was also destroyed. Mara mentioned that there was another door. Because of this, Nathan went to Vince and Dave to ask for help. Dave was in a very bad shape while Vince didn’t even know where that other door could be, but he still offered Nathan Cabot’s journal to help Dave.

Mara has a knack for impersonating anyone, especially Audrey, so she went to a coffee shop and approached a guy who works there to let her in to the stockroom. There was the door after all, but the guy, who looked so smittened with Mara, was trying to distract her, so Mara shot him in the head.  When she was on her own again, she realized that she couldn’t get through the force field.

Meanwhile, Vince found a map in the journal and discovered that there are five more doors. He split every one to find the doors, and Mara caught up with Dwight and shot him to question him on who’s sealing the “thinnies.” Then again, Dwight didn’t have any information, so she moved on.

Nathan found out that someone was sealing up the “thinnies,” and this made him think that it might be Jennifer on the other side. Dwight came across a Barrow matriarch in the hospital, and he explained to him that the trouble that they are going through hasn’t been this “active” since Constance Barrow passed away. Constance Barrow’s death was assumed to be an accident. However, some saw it as murder, and the suspect was Crocker. However, Duke told Dwight that it might also be Mara. Hearing this, Nathan got tensed because he wants Mara’s body to stay intact and leave her alone.

Luckily, Nathan was able to convince them not to suspect Mara. Mara caught up with Nathan in the ocean, and Nathan told her that he thinks it was Jennifer who’s sealing the “thinnies.” Mara just laughed it off and told him that Jennifer was not that strong, and the only reason she needed Jennifer was only to send a message to William. Nathan then told her that if Audrey wasn’t in her, why hasn’t she killed him yet? Audrey then shot him a couple of times, and Nathan fell to the ground, but he wasn’t dead. Just when Mara was about to fire the final shot that will end his life, she hesitated, which means that there’s a possibility that Audrey is still inside of her.

That leaves them with Dave, who is still unconscious and having flashbacks to the cave in his sleep, and he might be the one sealing the “thinnies.”

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