Haven Season 5 Recap: Spotlight

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Haven Season 5 Recap: Spotlight
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The first two episodes of  “Haven” Season 5 have been very intense. It was surprising that Episode 3 “Spotlight” had nothing to do with them. Read on for further details.

Nathan went away with Mara, and this made Dwight very uneasy because Nathan really wanted to fix Mara and bring Audrey back. Duke, being supportive of this, even brought over supplies to Nathan but told him that if he hasn’t fixed Mara within 24 hours, he will call the guard. Duke was still having a hard time dealing with what happened with Jennifer, so he gave the best advice that he could give to Nathan, which is to move on from Audrey. But of course, Nathan did not follow this and still went with Mara and pursue his goal to bring Audrey back.

His persistence to fix Mara got even more intensified when he was able to talk to Audrey, which was also the reason why he couldn’t follow Duke’s advice. This made Nathan even more obsessed to get Audrey back.

On their way, they encountered two guards, but Nathan and Mara were able to get through them easily. They lied to the guards, telling them that they were headed south, but in reality, they headed towards the opposite direction and was able to shake off their scents.

They did make out, but Nathan backed off when Mara bit his lip. There were a bit of teasing that happened after that, but Mara let it go and fell asleep. While Mara was sleeping, Nathan realized that when asleep, Mara seemed to be weaker, and this was when he got to speak with Audrey. Audrey told him that he should treat Mara like her because it helped fight off Mara’s hold on her.

The next day, Nathan followed her advice and made pancakes. Mara woke up to the smell of pancakes and to Nathan who kept on calling her Parker. This annoyed Mara, but Nathan did not let that get to him because he was so determined to get Audrey back. After the whole pancakes thing, he proceeded with his second plan: tickle Mara. It was such a huge success because Audrey was able to resurface in a much longer time and was able to warn Nathan that Mara has aether in her jacket.

Meanwhile, Duke was having such a tough time. Jodi, his friend, showed up with beams of light coming out of her chest. Duke and Dwight tried to help her, but they weren’t successful, and this killed Jodi’s sister and injured her daughter. We found out that Jodi needed light to survive, but the moment that she lit up, she can kill everyone in her way. Of course, Duke did not want Jodi to die. He thought of a way to save her, and surprisingly, he thought of Mara. This was so surprising because ever since Mara came to Haven, she’s been killing off people. So why would she help someone she doesn’t know at all? However, this was only the choice left for Duke, so he went to find Mara.

Duke arrived in the cabin and was surprised to see Nathan and Audrey until she snapped out of it and Mara was there again. Mara then told Duke that he will explode with all the troubles that have been happening around him, and the only way to make the pain go away would be to release one of the troubles. Mara offered to help him release one mild trouble, but before she can do that, she needed to know what specific trouble she needs to release. Duke then asked Nathan to gather his father’s journal. Mara tried to taunt Duke and even recalled Duke and Audrey’s trip to Colorado, but Duke was unmoved. He also did not have the time to consider Mara’s plan for him, especially when Dwight and some guard backup barged into the cabin. Uh-oh.

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