Hawaii Five-0 Recap: E’Imi Pono (Searching for the Truth)

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Hawaii Five-0 Recap: E’Imi Pono (Searching for the Truth)
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“Hawaii Five-0” Season 5 Episode 15 “E’Imi Pono (Searching for the Truth)” aired last Friday, Feb. 13, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, the Five-0 Task Force and Jerry Ortega (Jorge Garcia) raced against all odds in order to capture a Congolese warlord who was thought to be dead after an award-winning journalist was discovered dead. Meanwhile, Detective Danny “Danno” Williams (Scott Caan) finally learned how to not be so over protective after discovering that he receives all Grace’s (Teilor Grubb) text messages, and Jerry makes a bold move towards Dr. Mindy Shaw (Amanda Setton) during their Valentine’s Barbecue. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with a man dressed in a baseball cap and hoodie, walking the streets of Chinatown. He then went over to his car, and before getting in, he checked under his car to see if anything was there. Afterwards, he was strangled by someone he knew.

The next morning, Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett (Alex O’ Loughlin) made some coffee, which he shared with Detective Danny “Danno” Williams (Scott Caan), who burst into his house, complaining about some boy in Grace’s (Teilor Grubbs) class who kept on texting her. Apparently, after he had bought her a new cell phone, a glitch occurred in the system which accidentally made it so that he received all of her messages, from her and from whoever was messaging her. He then was amazed that Steve put butter in his coffee, as he said that it gave an energy boost and helped enhance the brain. Their conversation was then interrupted as they had a crime scene to get to.

At the crime scene, Dr. Mindy Shaw (Amanda Setton) informed them that he had been strangled to death by a powerful man and that he had died somewhere in between 10:00 p.m. and midnight. They then discovered that he was Julius Brennan from California and based on the grease mark, handprint on the car and the flashlight and mirror that they had found, they guessed that he had been paranoid and had checked under his car for a bomb or tracking device before getting in.

At the Five-0 Headquarters, they discovered that he had been an award-winning freelance journalist who embedded himself with the military and the natives to get good stories. He had gotten severely injured while working on a story in the Congo in 2010, and since then, he had only done a piece on violence in Detroit. While Lieutenant Detective Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim) and Captain Lou Grover (Chi McBride) continued to dig into why Julius was in Hawaii, Danny and Steve paid a visit to the morgue.

There, Dr. Max Bergman (Masi Oka) informed Dr. Shaw that he was going to have a date with his girlfriend, to which Dr. Shaw told him that she didn’t believe in Valentine’s Day. However, their conversation was stopped short as he had discovered that Julius had written on his chest in a circular motion. He then informed Danny and Steve that this was common among those who had suffered temporal lobe epilepsy and that it could be triggered by highly stressful events. After taking a look at the words with a mirror, Steve realized that he wrote in a very incoherent manner, which was characteristic of people like him. Officer Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park) then informed Steve that she had discovered his motel room, which was also full of the same circular writing on his chest. She also discovered that the place had been thoroughly tossed and that the memory card and hard drive on his laptop were missing.

On their way back to the Five-0 Headquarters, Danny tried to get the telephone company to fix his account problems, but only succeeded in being asked to wait for 38 minutes in order for technical support to finally talk to him. He then terminated the conversation, but Steve congratulated him for letting go of Grace.

At the morgue, Jerry Ortega (Jorge Garcia) passed by the morgue in order to get the pictures of the writing from Max as Steve had asked him to analyze it for them. While waiting, he noticed that Dr. Shaw had bought herself some roses. He then comforted her by telling her that he felt that Valentine’s Day was that one day in the entire year in which people made an extra effort to be nicer towards each other. She then told him that that was a deep and nice sentiment and gave him a rose.

Back at the Five-0 Headquarters, Chin Ho discovered that Julius had been in Hawaii for a week and had gone to Hawaii at the last minute. He also discovered that he had met up and had had dinner with a man named Ben Hamilton, who worked with the State Department, who knew Julius as he had been a diplomat in the Congo when Julius was there.

Chin Ho and Lou then discovered that Ben had been a cultural attache back then and told them that Julius hadn’t seemed like his old self when they had met, as Julius had been paranoid about something. After they left him and his boat, Lou and Chin Ho both came to the conclusion that Ben had probably been CIA and not a cultural attache at the Congo.

Back at the Five-0 Headqaurters, Jerry discovered that the Arrow of the Saggitarius, which in Babylonian was translated as “The Warrior” kept on appearing, as well as the name Patrice Thomas. After checking out his name, they discovered that Patrice worked as a parking valet at a hotel. However, his employer had discovered that Patrice was dead. It looked like an overdose, but the team knew better than that. According to Dr. Shaw, he had died 12 hours ago, and had been hit in the face before he had died. After looking at his back, they discovered that he had a scar that was common with branding, in the style of the Arrow of Saggitarius. Back at headquarters, they discovered a video clip of Julius, in which he had interviewed Patrice. It turned out that the band of the fearsome Roku Makoni had been responsible for the deaths of his parents, and he had been taken away as a child soldier in exchange for his younger brother Wesley’s life. However, he had managed to escape, and Julius had helped him to secure refugee status in the United States.

They then discovered that Patrice had been sending encrypted pictures of a taxi cab belonging to a particular Earl Robinson. However, Earl Robinson looked like Roku Makoni. Kono told them that Makoni had been declared dead by the CIA after an airstrike of the Congo, but now, they believed that Ben had faked Makoni’s death in order to get paid with blood diamonds. Because of this, the team split up in order to take them both into custody.

Lou and Kono headed to the docks to bring in Hamilton, but he blew himself up.

Meanwhile, Steve, Danny and Chin Ho chased Makoni who had fled from his apartment. However, Makoni managed to escape them as he had managed to forcibly get a car for himself, which he later abandoned. Steve then told them that they know had to be very careful, as Makoni knew that he had no way off of the island and would probably enact a contingency plan in which he would probably get hostages as leverage to get what he wanted. Sure enough, Makoni activated the C4 in the trunk of his taxi and got passengers — a mother, father and daughter — and shot the father in the stomach. He then called up the police and asked to speak to Steve.

At the area of where the car was, Steve reassured Makoni that they were working on his demands and  told him that he wanted to send in a doctor to check on the injured man. He was then told to come alone, unarmed, which he did. However, Makoni refused to let Steve bring him out to receive medical attention and told him to get on his knees. He then told Steve that he had wanted to see in his eyes that Steve was telling the truth and determined that Steve was lying. However, before he could hurt anyone else, Kono shot him expertly in the shoulder. Chin Ho then asked Kono why she hadn’t gone for his head, to which Kono replied that that would be “too easy” for him.

Afterwards, they reassured Wesley that his brother and Julius had died as heroes.

Afterwards, Danny became worried as he knew that Grace was going out with a boy to an ice cream shop but told him that she was at her friends’ house, studying. He then entered the shop and then left after seeing that Grace was having a good time there.

The next afternoon, the entire team, minus Kono enjoyed Lou’s heart-shaped burgers. Steve then congratulated Danny for not interfering in Grace’s life. They then started a betting pool after the men encouraged Jerry to talk to Dr. Shaw, as he believed that they had had a “moment” the other day, and it worked. Danny then went to the porch to talk to Grace, who revealed that she had felt bad about lying to Danny. He then came clean and informed her that he knew as his cell phone received all of her messages. He then told her that they needed to trust each other and hugged her.

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