Hawaii Five-0 Recap: Hoʻomaʻike (Unmasked)

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Hawaii Five-0 Recap: Hoʻomaʻike (Unmasked)
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Hawaii Five-0” Season 5 Episode 6 “Hoʻomaʻike (Unmasked)” aired last Friday, Oct. 31, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, Lieutenant Detective Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim), Officer Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park), Medical Examiner Dr. Max Bergman (Masi Okay) and Lou Grover (Chi McBride) investigated a serial murder investigation, which bore close resemblance to a cult favorite slasher film, “Jack Knife.” Meanwhile, Detective Danny Williams (Scott Caan) and Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett (Alex O’ Loughlin) teamed up with Jerry Ortega (Jorge Garcia) to investigate Thomas Farrow (Greg Ellis) after he was kidnapped and questioned by Farrow. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with Thomas Farrow (Greg Ellis), an antique bookshop owner whom Jerry Ortega (Jorge Garcia) suspected of running a counterfeiting operation under their noses. Farrow then handed out Halloween candy to some trick or treating kids before talking to Jerry again. When he returned to his living room, he continued to question Jerry about what he knew and what he had told Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett (Alex O’ Loughlin) about his counterfeiting operation. He then persuaded Jerry to talk by torturing his associate, who had allowed Jerry to get too close to the operation and shot him to death.

Steve picked up Detective Danny Williams (Scott Caan), who just got back from New Jersey, at his favorite spot. He told his family about the death of his fugitive brother, Matthew. Steve told Danny to stop blaming himself for his brother’s death because there was nothing that he could have done about it.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Detective Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim), Lou Grover (Chi McBride) and medical examiner Dr. Max Bergman (Masi Oka) met Officer Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park) at the crime scene. There, they found that their victim, Henry Chun, a manager of a restaurant had been found in the freezer. He had been stabbed in the abdomen and the chest multiple times. Aside from that, the victim has been strung and his tongue had been cut out. After examining the body and the wounds on it, Max determined that the weapon used to kill Henry was a sickle. However, they were called again as another victim had been found. This time, the victim, identified as Mark Lerner, was found dead on his couch with his eyes gouged out. Because of this, Max told them that he knew who the killer was.

Back at the Medical Examiner’s office, Max informed them that the murders were similar to those done in the slasher film “Jack Knife."The movie was about a high school student who was bullied. Because of this, he exacted revenge by wearing a mask, killed his tormentors with a sickle and left them in a particular way. However, each time he killed, he took a token from his victims — eyes, tongue and ears. Then they realized that the murders were done out of revenge and that there would be another victim as Jack Knife had killed three people in the film. Chin Ho went to look for any possible connections between the two victims, while Lou and Kono investigated on who had copies of the movie, as it was extremely difficult to purchase.

This led Kono and Lou to a local video rental shop, where the owner told them that he held a screening of the movie two weeks ago. He gave them a copy of all the emails that the invitation to the screening was sent to.

Thanks to Kamekona (Taylor Wily), Chin Ho discovered that Mark and Henry had been bullied at the same high school that Kamekona had gone to. He also told Chin Ho that Mark and Henry also went around with Brad Weiss, who was the worst among them. The Honolulu Police Department then tried to get a hold of him, but it was too late, as the killer was already there.

When Chin Ho, Kono and Lou got to Brad’s house, they found him strung up like a scarecrow in the backyard with his ears cut off. Thankfully, he was alive. At the hospital, he told them that he suspected Sam Cole of exacting revenge on him, as Mark and Henry used to bully him in high school. As Jack Knife had just been released when they were seniors, he talked to Mark and Henry play a prank on Sam. They beat him up, put him up on a wooden plank like a scarecrow, took his clothes and left him overnight.

However, when they reached his place, they could not find him. As Chin Ho went to investigate a sound that he had heard from the outside, Kono discovered a room with an open laptop with the name Aaron Cole on it. She then discovered that Aaron, Sam’s son, had been to the screening and had killed Mark, Henry, and mutilated Brad. Aaron, who had walked into the room, told Kono that his father had told him the story of what happened to him after Aaron had come home with a Jack Knife mask. He blamed them for ruining his father’s and his life because they were poor. He also told her that his father was “where he belonged” and refused to put down his weapon. Before Kono took another step, Lou knocked Aaron out. Outside, Chin Ho found Sam, who was strung up on a pole and was bleeding.

While this was happening, Steve and Danny were informed by Sergeant Duke Lukela (Dennis Chun) that Jerry was in their custody. He had walked in “disoriented and dehydrated” and “would only speak to Five-0.” There, they learned that Jerry had gone behind Steve’s back as he had continued surveillance illegally with Thomas Farrow. Jerry then told them what happened and that Farrow had “slipped up,” as he heard him, saying that he was going to move the money that night. However, they still could not understand why he had let Jerry go. Jerry, though, was in for a big surprise. He discovered that all of his surveillance footage, recordings, pictures and all his files on everything he had researched on was gone. Farrow was trying to get rid of the evidence against him. Because of this, Steve started believing in Jerry’s story.

He then paid a visit to Deputy Prosecutor Ellie Clayton (Mirrah Foulkes) in order to get a search warrant, as Jerry had gotten his evidence illegally. However, she was not able to get one for them. Despite that, Steve and Danny searched Farrow’s house. Steve tied him up while Danny searched the house. However, after finding nothing incriminating, Steve let him go as they did not have a warrant.

Outside, Steve ordered Duke to sit in the house and to inform them of Farrow’s movements. He believed that Farrow wasn’t really who he said he was. He had become suspicious of Farrow because when he tied his hands at his back. He noticed that Farrow had a “shrapnel scar” on his arm, which was something that one sustained in battle. However, the background check they had on him did not mention that he had military experience.

At the Five-0 Headquarters, Jerry realized that the British government was stalling. They had told Steve that it would take a while to identify him. Afterwards, Jerry left to talk to his source for “everything British,” Danny questioned why Steve believed what Jerry was saying. Steve then reasoned that Farrow would not have kidnapped Jerry if he wasn’t on to something. They then concluded that Farrow had released Jerry, knowing that he would tell Steve everything, in order to see what they would do. However, their conversation was cut short as Duke had called to tell them that Farrow had “loaded up a van and was headed to the airport.” However, all they found at the airport were crates of old books. Steve then realized that he had been playing. However, as Farrow had failed to fill up a form needed by Customs, they were able to hold the books and Farrow for a short time.

Ellie then paid them a visit, and informed them that Farrow had been active in local politics. He had donated to half the judges on the island and helped fund the Governor’s campaign. After Ellie had left, Jerry returned and informed them that Farrow was really Major William Corrigan. He had been with the British Special Forces but escaped his court martial. He had been tried with excessive force in combat. He had blown up a hatch, which killed five innocent Iraqis. He thought that it was a bomb that would kill him and his men. He then told Steve that he cared about his men and that the only cowards in the world are the politicians who send them out to battle. Danny then interrupted them and informed Steve that the blood trace they had found in Corrigan’s house was fake blood. They then realized that Corrigan had staged the death of his henchman, Lieutenant Colin Helms, so that they would be concentrating on Corrigan instead of Helms. Jerry then informed that Helms had ties to the IRA and that a freighter from Belfast, Ireland had been anchored at their docks for more than four hours. Because of this, Steve realized that as Corrigan believed that his government had betrayed him, he was counterfeiting money in order to fund a war against his government.

Steve and Danny were able to raid the freighter, shot Helms and found the counterfeit money in the barrels on the ship, thus averting a war against the United Kingdom.

The next day, while Steve was renting some fishing gear, he ran into a football star Eric Dickerson. As Danny was a big fan of his, Steve took a picture with Eric Dickerson and sent it to Danny.

Later that morning, he went fishing with Ellie. She then told him that he would be the one to gut and prepare the fish for her, as payback for “going behind her back” regarding the warrant.

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