Hawaii Five-0 Recap: Ho’oilina (Legacy)

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Hawaii Five-0 Recap: Ho’oilina (Legacy)
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“Hawaii Five-0” Season 5 Episode 5 “Ho’oilina (Legacy) aired last Friday, Oct. 24, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett (Alex O’ Loughlin) came across a young woman who knew his father while visiting his grave. Because of this, Steve decided to reopen his father’s last unsolved case. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Lieutenant Steve McGarrett (Alex O’ Loughlin) visited his father's (William Sadler) grave, as it was his fourth death anniversary. While there, he gave his father updates on what his family had been up to so far. Afterwards, he called up his sister, Mary (Jean Smart), to check up on her and her baby daughter. However, he cut the conversation short as he noticed that a young woman came by and laid flowers on his father’s grave. He then caught up to her, who introduced herself as Ellie Clayton (Mirrah Foulkes) and recognized that he was John McGarrett’s son. He then asked her how she knew his father, and she invited him to get some coffee with her so that she could explain everything.

She told him that her father, who used to run a bar when she was a child, was robbed and killed. John McGarrett was one of those who investigated the case. He was not able to catch the perpetrator, but he kept in touch with her and took her out to lunch every year on the anniversary of her father’s death. So now, she visited him on the anniversary of his death to repay the favor. She also told him that John had spoken a lot about Steve, and she knew that he had been very proud of him. She also informed Steve that they had spoken to each other a little before he was murdered, as he told her that he had a new lead. She then excused herself as she had to be in court, as she was the Deputy Prosecutor. Before she left, Steve introduced himself as a member of the Five-0 Task Force, and she told him that her father’s bar was called Aces High. Steve then realized that the name sounded so familiar, as his father had a matchbox with its name printed on it inside the Champ toolbox where he stored evidence on some of his previous cases. 

Meanwhile, at Jerry Ortega’s (Jorge Garcia) house, Kamekona (Taylor Wily), his cousin, Liuetenant Detective Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim), Dr. Max Bergman (Masi Oka) and Dr. Mindy Shaw (Amanda Setton) helped him pack up his things, as his mother had sold their house. A little later on, Chin Ho caught Jerry listening to taped conversations of Thomas Farrow (Greg Ellis), the antique bookshop owner whom Jerry had suspected of running a counterfeit operation. Chin Ho then made Jerry promise that he would get the book back with a listening device planted in it in exchange for him not telling Steve about it.

Steve, curious, asked Chin Ho if his father ever mentioned the Clayton case to him. Chin Ho remembered the case as they had never been able to catch the perpetrator, who had conducted a series of robberies in that neighborhood and because that case had haunted Steve’s father for the rest of his life. They did arrest a suspect, a homeless man named Ned Burroughs who had been wearing a grey sweatshirt that had gunshot residue from the gun that had killed Paul Clayton. However, he was released as he had found the shirt in a dumpster and because his alibi had checked out. Meanwhile, John had felt that Ned knew more than what he was saying. After that, no matter how hard Steve’s father searched, he could not find Ned again. Because of this, he asked Chin Ho to go through his father’s notes to see if they could find the lead he had talked to Ellie about, while he went back to the Five-0 headquarters in order to reopen the case.

A flashback then took the scene to 19 years ago at Aces High, where Paul Clayton was closing down the bar for the night. After dancing with Ellie for a while so that she could take a break from studying, he told her to go upstairs to get ready for bed. While she was upstairs, a man in a gray sweatshirt entered through the back door and shot him.

Back in the present, Ellie related the story to Steve and told him that his father had been one of those who had comforted her during the investigation.

Back at the Five-0 headquarters, Officer Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park) told them that there was not a lot of physical evidence to investigate on, and Captain Lou Grover (Chi McBride) informed him that the ballistics report had reported that it was “inconclusive.” Right after Steve ordered Lou to have the laboratory run the fragments again, Chin Ho called Steve as he had found the lead that Steve’s father was never able to follow up on. Because Hawaii had issued state identification cards to the homeless, he had discovered that Ned Burroughs had one and could be traced using that ID card.

After interviewing Ned, they discovered that he had found a cashbox stashed in the dumpster where he found the sweatshirt. He had spent the money and left the watch that was inside. He had then hidden it behind Leonard’s Bakery, where they found it. They also found, aside from the watch and Ellie’s report card, a card with a symbol printed on it. Steve then realized that Paul had been targeted, and the cash box had been stolen to make it look like a robbery, as the money had never been taken by the perpetrator.

After talking to Ellie again, they discovered that a week before the incident, Paul had an argument with a “neighborhood boy” named Jordan Lewis, who had been selling meth in front of Aces High. After Chin Ho and Steve’s visit to Jordan at the Halava Correctional Facility, they learned that Jordan did not kill Paul, as Paul had been trying to get him out of dealing meth. It turned out that Jordan had been dealing meth as he had to pay back what his junkie mother owed to a local dealer named Sikes.

Back at the Five-0 headquarters, Steve called Detective Danny Williams (Scott Caan) up in order to check up on him and his family, as they were going through some difficult times. Danny’s brother, Matthew, had been murdered. Afterwards, Chin Ho, after informing him that the ballistics test was inconclusive, as they did not have a lot of the bullet fragments, told Steve that the reason why his father was attached to the case and to Ellie was because he had regretted sending Steve and Mary away, even if it was for their own safety.

Kono then informed them that the card was a membership card to gain access to an illegal gaming den called the Paradise Den, whose owners showed no mercy for those who were in their debt. At the old Aces High, Steve asked for Ellie’s permission to exhume her father’s body, as he believed that his body may still contain bullet fragments that they could use to track down her father’s murderer. As they exhumed his body, he held her hand for comfort.

Lou and Kono were informed by Kamekona that a friend of his who used to work at the Paradise Den at that time remembered Paul Clayton as he had visited the place once and had gotten into an argument with two Samoan street gang members. Then they discovered that the bullet came from a gun which belonged to a former Samoan street gang member named Tony Malua who had gone legitimate and owned a furniture shop.

After they paid him a visit, they learned that he had lent the gun to Jimmy Sikes, who had been angry at Paul as they had played poker for the freedom of Jordan Lewis, and Paul had won.

They then enlisted the help of Jordan Lewis, who wore a wire, in order to get a confession from Sikes, so that they would have enough evidence to pin the murder on him. However, during the operation, Sikes taunted Jordan by telling him that he “did what he had to do” and that Jordan was the reason why Paul, the only person who had believed in him, had died. To avoid a bigger incident, the Five-0 team barged into Sikes’ club, which led him to shoot Jordan in the chest. Thankfully, the wound hadn’t hit any vital organs, and he survived.

Back at home, Steve put back the matchbox and the tape with the confession into his father’s Champ box. While he was at the garage, he fondly remembered how his father loved his old Mercury car. Because of this, he decided to tinker around with it and fix it. However, he was interrupted by Ellie, who decided to thank him for catching her father’s killer before heading to the hospital to see how Jordan was doing. Before she left, she gave him some tips on how to fix the Mercury, as John loved to talk about his car.

Meanwhile, Jerry asked Kamekona's cousin to help him get the book back with the listening device from Thomas Farrow. However, he was informed that it had already been sold. When he got back to his basement, he was confronted by Thomas Farrow, who returned his book and kidnapped him.

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