Hawaii Five-0 Recap: Ka Makuakane (Family Man)

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Hawaii Five-0 Recap: Ka Makuakane (Family Man)
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“Hawaii Five-0” Season 5 Episode 2 “Ka Makuakane” or “Family Man” aired on Friday, Oct. 3, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, the Five-0 team race against time as they try to solve the kidnapping of a little girl, whose father, a Navy SEAL, was currently on a mission in Afghanistan. However, as they unraveled the circumstances behind the kidnapping, they came to realize that the kidnapping had more to do with revenge and a case of mistaken identity. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with the Larkin family waking up early in the morning to speak briefly on Skype with their father, a Lieutenant in the Navy SEALs who was stationed in Afghanistan and was about to head out to a mission. However, during the daughter’s, Sophie, hula recital, she suddenly went missing, leading her mother, Angela Larkin, to believe that Sophie had been kidnapped.

At the Five-0 headquarters, Detective Danny Williams (Scott Caan) interrogated Marco Reyes, the man who came into his apartment demanding for his help to give him something that he had lost. Reyes then revealed that Danny’s con man brother Matthew had disappeared years ago with his money — all $ 18.5 million of it — and that he wanted it back. However, Danny told him that he did not have the money. However, as his partner, Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett (Alex O’ Loughlin), called him away due to a new case, he decided to book Reyes with burglary so that he would be in holding for a while.

At the school, they discovered that Sophie Larkin belonged to a military family, making the case very close to Steve’s heart, who was a former Navy SEAL, and that she was attending a private school as she was on scholarship. Steve then deduced that it was a possibility that she was taken in order to compromise the mission that her father was currently on.

At the Naval Intelligence Office, the commander told them that they could only cooperate with their investigation by giving them access to Lieutenant Larkin’s files but could not confirm or deny whether he was on a mission or not and reassured them that the kidnapping had nothing to do with any of their current operations. Danny tried to reason with him to inform Lieutenant Larkin about the situation, but as he was unreachable at the moment, he was reassured that the lieutenant would be informed once he was available. On the way back to the Five-0 headquarters, Steve reminded Danny that Larkin’s team needed him to be focused and that informing him of his daughter’s disappearance might just compromise the entire operation he was currently on.

Meanwhile, at the school, Officer Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park) interviewed Maggie Porter, a little girl who was with Sophie in the bathroom before she was taken. Maggie told her that Sophie was taken by a tall man with brown hair, who was wearing a blue baseball cap. Lieutenant Detective Chin Ho Kelly discovered that the key card of a substitute teacher named Ben Sutor was swiped twice — once before the recital and right after Sophie was kidnapped. What was strange was that Sutor was not scheduled to go to work that day.

The Five-0 team then raided Sutor’s house, only to find that he had been shot and was barely alive. This meant that Sutor was targeted in order to get the key card. Meanwhile, Lou Grover, who was at the Larkin’s residence informed them that Angela Larkin had not been contacted yet for ransom, which made the entire case seem fishy. At that same time, an anonymous caller called Mr. Eric Porter, the father of Maggie, demanding $ 1.6 million in exchange for his daughter. However, upon checking Maggie’s room, they found that she was still there. After informing the Five-0 team about the situation, they realized that Sophie had been kidnapped as she was mistaken for Maggie. Danny also found it strange that the kidnapper asked for specifically $ 1.6 million, as the Porters were worth $50 million.

Meanwhile, Chin Ho tracked down their friend Jerry Ortega (Jorge Garcia) for help, combing through the footage that they got from the school. However, unknown to Jerry, he was being watched, by one of the henchmen of the antique bookstore owner he suspected of counterfeiting money.

At headquarters, Jerry and Chin Ho discovered that a criminal named Michael Wily was the man in the blue baseball cap that Maggie had seen.

The team stopped Wily before he left his driveway, but in the resulting shoot out, he was shot and died. They then raided his home, looking for Sophie. They did not find her there but found her sketchpad with a note that reads “Help Me.”

Upon looking at Wily’s cell phone history, they discovered that he had been the one making the phone calls to the Porters. However, as Sophie was not there, they deduced that Wily was heading out to pick up the ransom money, while his partner held Sophie hostage.

Upon further investigation into the Porters, Jerry discovered that the former lead engineer of the Porters’ child products company, Allan Pollard, had suddenly left the company two years ago and was given a severance fee of exactly $ 1.6 million. This was strange as he had left only a month before the car seats that he had designed hit the market, which went on to earn millions for the Porters.

Chin Ho and Lou tracked Pollard to a boat on the marina, but after a search, they discovered that Sophie was not with Pollard. Pollard told them that he had left the company due to “spiritual reasons” and that he would never hurt Sophie.

He then revealed that when they were testing out the car seat that he had designed, he had discovered a defect in the seatbelt during one crash test. However, as it was only one crash test. Because delaying the manufacturing of the seat would cause the Porters millions of dollars, his warnings and findings were ignored. He had been able to fix the flaw during production, and nobody complained or was hurt, except for one incident. In that incident, a father with his little girl crashed, as the father had lost control of his car. The little girl, seated at the backseat of the car, because of the flaw in the design, had been killed. However, the report said that it was the father’s fault for not strapping her in properly. The man had sued, and Pollard had wanted to come foward, but he was silenced by the companies lawyers and was paid $ 1.6 million. He would face the charge of criminal negligence. It was also revealed that his finding and his memo were destroyed. Pollard then revealed that he had reached out to the father, a man named Jason Hollier, recently, as Pollard had learned that his wife had died. He told him about the severance fee he was paid and offered to give him the $ 1.6 million, but Hollier had refused.

Meanwhile, at the Porter house, H0llier called, demanding that the ransom be dropped off at a certain location by Caroline Porter, who should come alone. After he got the money, then he would give them Sophie’s location.

While Caroline was making the drop, Chin Ho called Steve to inform him about Hollier and revealed that the person who had paid Pollard off had destroyed all the evidence of the defect in the car seat was Caroline. This made them realize that it was a setup, as Eric had no idea that Caroline had done this.

At the drop site, Hollier forced Caroline into the car at gunpoint and forced her to drive to Highway 93, the site of the car accident that had killed his daughter. He then tried to pull the trigger on Caroline but was unable to do so. Thankfully, as Danny and Steve had arrived just in time, Danny was able to calm Hollier down and was able to get Sophie’s location, who was then reunited with her mother, Angela.

At the Honolulu Police Station, Marco Reyes was released by his lawyers on bail. Danny confronted him and told him get out of Hawaii and never to bother him again as he did not have the $ 18.5 million that Reyes wanted. However, Reyes then revealed that he had kidnapped Matthew, who had told him that Danny had the money and told Danny that he would release Matthew once he got his $ 18.5 million back.

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