Hawaii Five-0 Recap: Ka Noeʻau (The Painter)

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Hawaii Five-0 Recap: Ka Noeʻau (The Painter)
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"Hawaii Five-0" Season 5 Episode 4 "Ka Noeʻau (The Painter)" aired on  Friday, Oct. 17, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, the Five-0 team discovered that a Detroit hitman sent to Hawaii by a known Detroit crime family had been hit by another known contract killer who also worked for the same crime family. This led the team to discover that people, no matter how bad they were before, can have a change of heart. Meanwhile, Detective Danny Williams (Scott Caan), with the help of his friends and teammates, tried to collect the necesary money he needed in order to get his brother back from Colombian cartel leader Marco Reyes. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At the beginning of the episode, Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett (Alex O’ Loughlin) arrived at his partner’s, Detective Danny Williams (Scott Caan), house in order to check on him. Danny had been out searching for the $18.5 million that his fugitive brother Matthew had hidden there. This money, which belonged to Colombian cartel leader Marco Reyes, would be returned to him in exchange for Matt, as he had captured him. However, all Danny had found was $13 million, leaving him $5.5 million short. As he did not know how he could collect that much money in two days, he decided to pay a visit to a local loan shark named Ko for the money. However, Ko refused to lend Danny some money. Danny's teammate and friend, Lieutenant Detective Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim), told him that he would help him out as he might just have a way for him to get the money he needed without resorting to going to another local loan shark.

Meanwhile, at the Honolulu International Airport, a man named Gordon Bristol was detained, as the police had found a heavy duty gun in his baggage. However, he was able to escape after he defeated the five uniformed guards in the room. After Five-0 got the call, Steve met up with Captain Lou Grover (Chi McBride) at the airport, where they learned that Gordon Bristol had come from Detroit and that his name was just an alias.

Elsewhere on the island, Kamekona (Taylor Wily) gave Jerry Ortega (Jorge Garcia) some coconut shrimp as he had camped outside the antique book shop. He was still pursuing his surveillance on the bookstore’s owner, Thomas Farrow (Greg Ellis), who he believed was running a money-counterfeiting ring. He informed Kamekona that despite the fact that they were talking German and talking about soccer inside the shop, he knew that a deal was going on and that a deal with a German broker would be going down soon.

At the Halawa Correctional Facility, Chin Ho visited Gabriel Waincroft (Christopher Sean), his late wife's brother who was in prison. There, he asked for some help, as a friend of his needed $ 5.5 mllion, or else his brother would die. However, Waincroft left Chin Ho hanging as he refused to help him out.

Back at the Five-0 headquarters, Grover informed Steve that Gordon Bristol was really Joseph Stegner, a hitman for the Bagosa crime family in Detroit that had never been charged for the crimes he had committed. Because of this, they concluded that he was in Hawaii for a job and that they had to quickly find out who his target was. However, they were cut short by Officer Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park), who had located Stegner as he had withdrawn some money at an ATM at a nearby mall.

At the mall, they were forced to chase him as he had seen them coming. However, before they could get to him, he was killed by another hitman in a parking lot just across the street. Steve chased the other man, shooting at the gunman’s car as it sped by, but he was able to escape. Danny found the shooter’s car abandoned and discovered that one of Steve’s bullets had hit its mark, as there were traces of blood in the car. Because of this, even though the gunman would be smart enough not to go to a hospital, they decided to conduct a search of every hospital in the area.

Meanwhile, the wounded shooter took a pair of paramedics as hostages so that they could patch him up without rousing any suspicions.

As Danny and Steve returned to headquarters, they passed by Chin Ho, who told them that he was not able to get the money that Danny needed and that Danny should set the terms with Reyes by giving half the money first. Danny thanked him for trying to help but could not risk doing what he suggested as he feared for his own daughter’s life as well.

At the laboratory, Grover and Kono discovered from Charlie Fong (Brian Yang) that their shooter was a man named Nick Mercer (Timothy V. Murphy), a highly skilled contract killer who also worked for the Bagosa family and had a record of more than a hundred hits. According to FBI Agent Chapman, Mercer was highly skilled and was a world class “house painter,” as his expertise was making people disappear — all of his victims were never seen again. He had never been caught and was called Valentine, as he was heartless. She also informed them that he had once been involved in a car crash that had required extensive surgery, but they were not able to pull up those records as the Bagosa family had brought in their own team of doctors for Mercer. However, they could not understand why Mercer had killed Stegner, as they worked for the same people.

Meanwhile, the paramedics who were treating Mercer insisted that he should go to a hospital for his bullet wound. As one of the paramedics had called 911, Mercer knocked him out and held the female paramedic at gunpoint and sped off, with the police department, Steve and Grover hot on his trail, as they had been informed about the 911 call. It allowed them to lock down on his position. However, as Mercer had lost a lot of blood, the chase did not last long as the ambulance had stopped at a nearby field.

Mercer woke up at the hospital, handcuffed to the bed, where he told them that he was in Hawaii and had killed Stegner in order to protect the people Bagosa had hired him to kill back in Detroit, as Stegner was after them. It turned out that because of the car accident he was involved in two years back, he had suffered traumatic ventricular failure and needed a new heart, which Albert Bagosa was able to give to him right away. However, Mercer told them that his new heart had changed him, as the heart had once belonged to a young man who had helped others a lot in his life. Because of this, he soon discovered that he could not kill his targets as he had started to care about them. So in order for them to survive, he created his own witness protection community, hidden deep in Hawaii, and Stegner had been ordered to kill them all as Bagosa had found out about it.

As they left the hospital, Chin Ho received a phone call from Waincroft, who told him that he was willing to give him $5.5 million if he could get him out of general population, as most of the criminals there did not like him because he was related to a member of Five-0. He requested to be transferred to a special holding unit at the high-security facility with a private room and break time, to which Chin Ho agreed to.

As they could not figure out where Mercer had hid the community, they asked Jerry for some help, who told them the two places on the island where one could disappear and live off the grid for a very long time. However, they were interrupted by Agent Chapman, who told them that a private plane chartered by a Bagosa business had just left Detroit with six men on board. As they knew that they were coming to Hawaii to finish Stegner’s job, they were able to convince Mercer to lead them to the community.

A plane then landed on the West Coast of Moloka’i, where several armed men and Albert Bagosa met their informant who drew them a map to the community they were looking for. However, when they got there, they were drawn in by Jerry, who had set up speakers around the community so that the men would think that the people were there. However, in reality, the Five-0 team was able to evacuate them safely. The team was successful in overpowering the men, and Mercer himself threatened to kill Bagosa, who pointed a gun to Steve. Luckily, he lowered his gun before Mercer revealed that his gun had not been loaded at all. However, even if he saved all those people, who thanked him as they returned, he had to be taken away for the other contracts he had fulfilled.

Meanwhile, Danny and Steve flew to Colombia, where they gave Reyes all of his money, as Chin Ho had been able to give Danny the $5.5 million he was lacking. However, when he asked for his brother back, Reyes’ men wheeled out a metal drum which Reyes claimed held Matt. Danny was then warned to get out of Colombia or else Reyes would come after Grace as well. Angry, Danny lunged forward to get at Reyes but was stopped by Reyes’ men who hit Steve and Danny. After Danny threatened to kill him, they were ushered upstairs so that they could leave.  However, Reyes was surprised to hear gunfire. He was even more surprised when one of his men came down the stairs, dead. Danny then forced Reyes to look at him before he shot him dead, while Steve looked on.

What do you think of this episode? Here, we seemingly wrapped up the multi-episode storyline on Danny and his fugitive brother. However, the storyline of Jerry and his conspiracy theory on Thomas Farrow  (Greg Ellis) is just beginning, as is the family-related storyline of Chin Ho. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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