‘Hawaii Five-0’ Recap: ‘Na Kama Hele (Day Trippers)’

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
‘Hawaii Five-0’ Recap: ‘Na Kama Hele (Day Trippers)’
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”Hawaii Five-0”  Season 6 Episode 7  “Na Kama Hele (Day Trippers)” aired last Friday, November 6, 2015 at 9:00 PM on CBS. In this episode, Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett’s (Alex O’ Loughlin) island exploring date with Lynn Downey (Sarah Carter)  went awry after they stumbled on the hideout of a wanted criminal who had faked his death years ago. Meanwhile, Detective Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim), Captain Lou Grover (Chi McBride) and Officer Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park) raced against time to find the kidnapped father of the star quarterback of Makui High, who was told to throw the game and ruin his future in pro football or else they would shoot his father. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with a man with a rifle running across a small island, only to be jumped on by Lieutenant Commander  Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin). The man then knocked away Lynn Downey (Sarah Carter), who had been with Steve and demanded to know why they were on the island.

Flash back to six hours earlier, when Captain Lou Grover (Chi MccBride) tried to talk Steve out of going out on this date, as Steve was planning on going snorkelling with her. But after discovering that Ellie Clayton (Mirrah Foulkes) had set Lynn Downey (Sarah Carter) up with Steve, and after seeing how she looked like, Grover took everything back.

Their date had a great start as they snorkelled and began to explore the island together, as she used to go there before when she was a teenager.

However, they ran into trouble after they were targeted by an unseen shooter after discovering an intact plane while getting lost on the island, which caused them to begin to run for their lives.

Meanwhile, Detective Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim), Officer Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park) and Captain Lou Grover (Chi McBride) found themselves thrust into a kidnap case while watching the Makui High versus Henry J. Kai football game after they realized that something was wrong due to the fact that Makui’s star quarterback, Jesse Frontera (Jake Nutty), was somehow playing as if to throw the game. Their suspicions were confirmed after they confronted him the locker room after seeing two goons follow Jesse there.


Chin and Grover then discovered that Jesse’s father, Kai Frontera (Gibi Del Barrio) had been kidnapped after a late night game of Texas Holdem the other night at a local hotel. Jesse then had received a phone call that morning in which he was told to throw the game or else his father would die. Chin and Grover then told him to concentrate on winning the game, especially as his own future career was on the line, and promised that they would find his father.

Their suspicions that the kidnapper was someone who was going to lose a lot of money if Makui High won the game that day was confirmed after they managed to get one of the two goons who had been threatening Jesse to talk.

They discovered that a gambling house owner who was going broke, named Oliver Zelenko (Gregory Albrecht) had been behind the kidnapping.

Thankfully, Chin and Grover managed to burst onto the scene just in time, with guns blazing, as Zelenko was just about to shoot Kai due to the fact that Jesse had managed to garner a win for Makui High.

Back on the island, the scene from the beginning of the episode played out, with Steve managing to throw their assailant down into the falls.

Afterwards, he tended to Lynn’s head wound by using his polo to create bandages to keep applying pressure to the wound, and later, also used coconut water to disinfect it. They then discovered that their boat had been burned down, which forced them to go back to the plane.


They then decided to climb up another falls as it was another shortcut that Lynn knew about, and after reaching the plane, they discovered that the man who was hunting them down, who had a female accomplice, as they heard them talking over the radio, was none other than Boston mob boss Dennis Logan (James C. Burns), whose prison transport had supposedly crashed somewhere in Hawaii. While on the plane, Steve also managed to find a flare gun, and Lynn found an Emergency Locator Transmitter that only worked for a little while.

After discovering that Logan’s female accomplice, Vicki Kelly (Danielle Rayne) had a boat, Steve distracted them with a flare so that Lynn could steal the boat.

However, she was discovered by Logan, who threatened to shoot her if Steve didn’t show himself, but he countered with the fact that he had managed to capture Vicki.

Logan then forced Lynn to the boat, where Steve and Lynn managed to get him to surrender.

Back on the mainland, Steve told Lynn that he had a plan B just in case, and told her that he would tell her all about it on their second date, which would be a coffee date, as that would be less adventurous. Thankfully, she agreed to go on a second date with him.

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