Hawaii Five-0 Recap: Ua’aihue (Stolen)

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Hawaii Five-0 Recap: Ua’aihue (Stolen)
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Hawaii Five-0” Season 5 Episode 11 “Ua’aihue (Stolen)” aired last Friday, Jan. 9, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, the team investigated the attempted murder of an innocent tourist. It led them to the world of black market art as they went after a renowned international art thief. Read on to learn more about this episode.

After the Wallace family arrived at their hotel room in Hawaii, the father, Bryan Wallace (Gerard Downey) decided to unpack the bags himself. He told his two children and wife to wait for him by the pool as he would bring them their swim suits. After answering a knock on the door, he was shot point blank, and his red carry on suitcase was taken from him.

Meanwhile, near the beach, Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) broke up a fight between Kamekona (Taylor Wily) and his cousin, Flippa (Shawn Mokuahi Garrett). It turned out that Flippa had entered Kamekona in a shrimp cook-off and was going against local celebrity chef Sam Choy. He was afraid that losing to Choy would mean that his business would be dead. Steve then decided to call a friend who could probably help Kamekona win.

Meanwhile, Captain Lou Grover (Chi McBride) cleared a path so that Bryan and his wife could board the ambulance to go to the hospital. Lieutenant Detective Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim) then accompanied Lou to the hotel room to investigate. Based on their findings, and because the wife had no idea what was in the carryon, they ruled that Bryan had something valuable inside the bag.

Downstairs, Officer Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park) worked with Officer Pua Kai (Shawn Anthony Thomsen) to identify the shooter and the bag based on the hotel’s security camera footage. After combing through the footage, Kono spotted the red carryon, and asked Kai to “pull up every angle” so that they could identify the shooter.

At the Five-0 Headquarters, Lou informed Chin Ho that Bryan was currently in surgery. The bullet was “lodged a few inches away from the heart.” Chin Ho then informed Lou that the x-ray of Bryan’s bag showed that he had not been carrying anything suspicious. They then deduced that it “might be a smokescreen for a hit,” and started to look at “who might want him dead.”

Meanwhile, Steve brought Kamekona to Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, who refused to help Kamekona. However, upon hearing that he was going against Sam Choy, he agreed to help him out. Steve was then interrupted by a phone call. He was informed that Bryan was actually broke as he had “lost his job as a consultant five months ago.”

At the hospital, Bryan’s wife was shocked to hear this news as Bryan had never told her about it. She then told them that they had gone to Hawaii. He had promised their children, who had wanted to go to Hawaii, that they would. Steve then wondered how Bryan could have kept that fact a secret from his wife. Lou told him that something like that was a “big load to carry,” especially since that always hurt a father’s pride, which makes one do crazy things.

Back at the hotel, Kono was able to identify the shooter after getting the phone of a pre-teen boy who had accidentally taken a picture with the shooter in the background. They then identified him as Lukas Janssen (Henri Lubatti), a Belgian wanted by Interpol for a string of “high-end robberies.” They then learned that he had been seated beside the Wallaces. They then deduced that he had been “smuggling stolen artwork” into the island. They had used Bryan’s carry on bag to hold it so that he would not be caught with it. This was why he had shot Bryan, and stolen the bag with the artwork in it.

A little while later, Lou and Steve met Nicole Booth (Rebecca Mader) from Bishop and Copley Insurance, whom they brought to their headquarters. There, she informed them that he had Van Gogh’s “Vase with Irises”, which cost around $ 55 million and had been stolen in 2012. She told them that he was only moving it now as all of the “wealthiest collectors” were currently in Hawaii for the Pacific Art Forum. Aside from buyers, they would also be able to come in contact with the black market for art. They can do it if they managed to get close to Gerard Hirsch (Willie Garson), a known appraiser and black market middle man.

At the Forum, Lou and Steve accompanied Nicole. Chin Ho posed as a buyer and Kono’s boss. Kono then managed to trick Hirsch into helping them. It was after he volunteered to help her “unload” a forgery by telling her that he would write a certificate that would “vouch for the authenticity” of the painting. However, they ran into a little complication before Kono lured Hirsch away as Jerry Ortega (Jorge Garcia) had shown up at the Forum. However, he was not able to blow Kono’s cover. He started to talk to Nicole about other cases in which Bishop and Copley had recovered their insured art.

However, everything was not in vain. Hirsch informed them that a man named Tom Emery (Casper Andreas). He was one of the world’s “biggest buyers of stolen art,” was having a party to “show it off.” They then realized that Janssen would most likely be at that party to unload the Van Gogh. Hirsch would get Chin Ho and Kono to get in with him as guests while Steve and Lou would wait outside with a SWAT team. Steve was then interrupted by a call from Jerry. He told him to meet him out in the hallway. He then handed Steve a file which told him that Nicole did not really work for Bishop and Copley. After confronting Nicole, she confirmed that she was indeed a “bounty hunter” of stolen art. She told them that she needed the reward money to live and that she did it so that she could return the stolen art to its “rightful owners.” Steve then allowed her to continue working with them, and to get the reward. He agreed on the condition that she stayed in the van with Jerry so that she could identify the stolen art, and the buyers and sellers.

Meanwhile, Morimoto chided Kamekona for not cooking with “his heart” and told him that he needed to “rediscover his passion.” Kamekona then revealed that he had started cooking after the cook at Halava had taught him how. He then told Morimoto that the “best meals” he had cooked were from his prison cell, on a “hot plate” run by a car battery. He also boasted that his “buttered shrimp” became so famous that the prison guards would smuggle in fresh shrimp for him. He then cooked that way for Morimoto and presented it to Morimoto. He then smiled and told him that in order to beat Choy, they had to work on his technique.

At the party, Hirsch, Kono, and Chin Ho, who wore “spy glasses” managed to get through security without a hitch. However, none of the artwork on display out in the open was stolen. After Hirsch vouched for Chin Ho and Kono, Tom brought them to a room that had security akin to a panic room. There, stolen art from various heists were there. He then excused himself from them as he and Janssen went inside his office. As soon as that happened, Jerry, Lou, and Steve lost contact with Chin Ho and Kono, as a signal jammer had been activated. Soon after that, Janssen came out of the office with a gun pointed at Tom’s head and informed them that a robbery was going on. Outside, the alarm was tripped, and the entire house shut down.

Jerry then informed Steve that the house was now “impenetrable.” Nicole realized that Janssen had deliberately tripped the alarm and had used the sale of the Van Gogh as a cover for a heist. This meant that Janssen and his team had another way out. Nicole then volunteered to get in touch with some her contacts to get some schematics in order to “remotely override” the alarm. Jerry went to try to “crash” the signal jammer in order to get connected to Chin Ho and Kono again.

Inside the room, Janssen instructed his accomplices to figure out how the police knew that he was there. Their calculated police response time was different from Steve’s response time. Jerry then managed to reestablish the connection with Kono and Chin Ho. Thanks to that, they learned that the hostages were safe, and thanks to the “spyglasses.” They were able to see that Janssen’s team included six men with “heavy firearms.” Nicole then came in with schematics. She informed them that Janssen and his men had come in through a tunnel which originated from the office inside the panic room. They then deduced that that would also be Janssen’s way out. They moved to that location, where they would meet Janssen and his men. Once they had them in custody, they would then be able to go back to get the hostages.

However, before they could make another move, Jerry told them that they had a problem. Janssen had figured out that there were “cops” inside the room, as the signal jammer had been broken, and because there was a signal being emitted from someone inside the room. Using a signal finder, they pinpointed Chin Ho and Kono. They were then forced to give up their earpieces, and before crushing the glasses, Janssen warned Steve that they would kill Chin Ho and Kono if they tried going inside. Afterward, they left a bag in the middle of the room and left.

At the mouth of the tunnel, Steve became uneasy, as Janssen was always “three steps ahead.” He then revealed that he believed that Janssen might not come out that way. Jerry then confirmed his suspicions, and told them to return back to the house. He knew that Janssen and his crew were going to make their exit by blending in with the crowd, as they were all wearing “patent leather shoes.”

Inside the panic room, the bag began to smoke. At that moment, the door opened. Janssen had his men lift the lockdown on the house and made their escape via an ambulance. A shoot out then occurred, and Janssen tried to escape using the ambulance. However, he was unsuccessful as Jerry rammed the van into it.

Steve then saw Nicole off on her plane and was glad to hear that Bryan was currently recovering from his surgery. After she left, Chin Ho informed Steve that the FBI had just told them that the “stolen art” recovered from Tom’s panic room gallery were fakes. Apparently, the real ones were hidden in a vault below the panic room. It was something that Nicole conveniently forgot to mention, so that she could collect all of the rewards. After visiting the vault, Steve noticed the Van Gogh painting, and a note addressed to him. On it, Nicole promised to return the paintings to their rightful owners. She told him to give the Van Gogh painting reward money to “someone deserving.” Steve then gave that money to Bryan Wallace and his family.

At the shrimp cook-off, they thanked Jerry, who had ended up in a neck brace. Before the competition started, Choy wished Kamekona good luck. Kamekona then realized, based on the banter between the two chefs, that they were rivals, which was why Morimoto wanted Kamekona to win. After the cook-off, Kamekona, much to his surprise, was declared the winner. After thanking him for his help, Steve asked Morimoto how he had gotten Kamekona to win. Apparently, Morimoto had added a special spicy Japanese pepper into Sam Choy’s dish. He then reasoned out that “cooking is combat” and that he doesn’t lose.

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