Hawaii Five-0 Recap:Powehiwehi (Blackout)

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Hawaii Five-0 Recap:Powehiwehi (Blackout)
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Hawaii Five-0” Season 5 Episode 14 “Powehiwehi (Blackout)” aired last Friday, Feb. 6, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, the Five-0 Task Force teamed up with ICE Agent Jeff Morrison (Greg Grunberg) in order to track down a notorious criminal that nobody has ever seen after JC Dekker (Xzibit) tried to break back into prison. Meanwhile, Officer Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park) had misgivings about taking the next step into hers and Adam’s (Ian Anthony Dale) relationship because of the fact that his family had been yakuza, even though Adam was working hard to make his family’s business legitimate. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened with a bleeding and wounded weapons broker, JC Dekker (Xzibit), trying to break back into prison. After warning him several times, he was shot down by a prison guard.

The next morning, Adam Noshimuri (Ian Anthony Dale) reminded Officer Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park) that day was the anniversary of the day in which she had finally tracked him down in Vancouver. It was after trying to escape from his enemies after he had killed his own brother, Michael. After telling her that he had thought that they would already be married by now, Kono revealed that she did not want to commit to marrying him yet. It was because his father’s business still had ties to the yakuza and because the entire business had been funded by corruption and bribes. Because of this, they argued as Adam did not want to give up all the hard work he had put into trying to make the company legitimate.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett (Alex O’ Loughlin), Lieutenant Detective Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim) and Captain Lou Grover (Chi McBride) discussed the current situation outside of JC Dekker’s room. They couldn’t understand how he had gotten out. After Kono joined them, they were approached by ICE Agent Jeff Morisson (Greg Grunberg). He told them that they had gotten Dekker out of prison three days ago in order to participate in a sting. It would be able to identify a notorious Eastern European criminal named Roman whom nobody has ever identified, and who was looking to start building another empire in the United States. As Roman had needed some weapons, they were able to send in JC Dekker, a known weapons broker. Unfortunately, they had lost visual contact with him last night during the meetup.

They were then interrupted by the nurse. She told them that Dekker only wanted to talk to Five-0. Inside, it was revealed that he had no memory of the last three days as he was suffering from some amnesia. In order to double check whether he truly had amnesia or not, they sent in Morrison to pretend to be his doctor. Afterward, they learned that eight whole months of Morrison’s work was about to go the drain as Dekker truly had amnesia. They had a very small window of opportunity to catch Roman. Then, they decided to let it leak that Dekker was dead. Kono would stay behind with Dekker at another prison hospital and would try to jog his memory. Steve and Morrison went to pay a visit to Odell Martin, Dekker’s friend who had helped set up the meet.

There, after telling him that Dekker was dead, Odell pretended to cut Steve’s hair. He did it in order he could tell them that they should look for a man named Sidney Ames. Ames, who was basically a “concierge of crime,” was the one to go to for any illicit and illegal needs. Kono showed Dekker a picture of Ames. He remembered that Ames had forced him into the trunk of the car and had driven him to a big house near the water. There, he had met up with a man with a foreign accent, and then remembered getting beaten up. After Kono informed the others of that, Chin Ho and Lou informed Steve that some soil from Dekker’s car. They found it outside the prison matched the soil for a known killing and dumping site at the Old Municipal Ash Dump on Sand Island.

There, Chin Ho and Lou discovered that Ames was dead. He had most likely been shot by Dekker during their struggle with each other. They had deduced that Ames had probably brought Dekker there to kill him. As they were able to find his cell phone on him, they were able to use the phone provider to tell them where Ames had been the night beforehand.

They then traced it to a big house near the water, just like Dekker had mentioned, and discovered five heat signatures. Steve and Chin Ho were able to take out the men downstairs. They ran into a woman with a gunshot wound named Danielle (Ana Alexander) who claimed that she had seen how Roman looked like. She had been there with her friend Lindsay as they had been partying with Roman’s friends named Nikolai, Viktor, and Julian. Steve then ordered that she be placed in the secure wing that Dekker was also in so she could work with a sketch artist.

Meanwhile, Morrison checked the upstairs portion of the house, was confronted by a man with a foreign accent, whom he thought was Roman as the man, who has a gun to his back. He told him not to look back and asked for his gun. He also told him to tell the others that he was running away in a different direction or else he would have his family killed. He then did as was told and was knocked out. When he came to, Lou reassured him that his family was safe and that it was good that he called Roman’s bluff.

Meanwhile, Adam met up with Jerry Ortega (Jorge Garcia). He asked him if he could ask his friend who owns Leonard’s Bakery to special order a batch of Kono’s favorite pastry treat- Macadamia Rolls, as a peace offering, in exchange for a spin in his Ferrari. After delivering the rolls to Kono, Jerry told her that Adam was “a keeper” while they wheeled Dekker around his floor. After Jerry left, Dekker told her that since she and Adam were not yet married after three years of being together, that she should let him go if she really didn’t want to marry him. She then decided to get some coffee, and left the rolls on the nurse’s counter, while Dekker decided to wheel around one more time.

Meanwhile, at Five-0 Headquarters, Roman, who didn’t know that Ames was dead, texted to ask for help to get off the island. After setting a meetup, they were able to take him down. However, Odell went to them and informed that that Roman, who was identified as Emil, was just a decoy and that the real Roman was still out there. Steve then smiled after Chin Ho informed them that TSA didn’t have any record of Danielle’s friend Lindsay leaving the island that morning. Steve had just realized that Danielle herself was Roman. As both Kono and the ICE Agent assigned to protect them weren’t answering their phones, the entire team rushed to the hospital to save them.

Meanwhile, during her coffee break, Kono looked at her and Adam’s pictures together and smiled. Upstairs, while Dekker was going around, after passing by Danielle’s room, he realized and remembered that she had introduced herself as Roman to hi. He had discovered that the man he had been talking to wasn’t really Roman. Danielle spotted him and recognized him. She went after him after killing the assigned ICE Agent there to get his gun. Luckily, Kono arrived from the break room and ushered Dekker into an elevator so that they could get out. However, Danielle decided to shut down the entire wing. It meant that they were trapped inside since the prison wing went into lockdown in situations like that.

Kono managed to pry open the elevator doors. He also got Dekker to the floor that they had landed on. Kono then told Dekker to hide in the laundry baskets. She went over to an operating room so that she could try to establish a connection to the Five-0 team. The operating room’s computers allowed them to be able to have video conferences. She then tried to lure Danielle away by creating a false trail out to the stairwell using her own blood, which worked for a short while. In the operating room, the two fought fiercely. It was until Kono managed to shock her using the charged defibrillators that had accidentally been switched on during the fight.

Afterwards, Kono went over to Adam, who was already talking to his board so that he could sell off the company. Kono then reassured him that she was alright, and told him that wanted to marry him.

Afterwards, an ecstatic Jerry, dressed up richly, took Adam’s Ferrari out for a spin across the island.

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