‘Hawaii Five-0’ Spoilers: Pirates, Surprises, and More Character-Driven Stories Teased for the Sixth Season

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
‘Hawaii Five-0’ Spoilers: Pirates, Surprises, and More Character-Driven Stories Teased for the Sixth Season
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The sixth season premiere of CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0” is just a few hours away, and fans and viewers are eagerly awaiting the pirate treasure hunt-themed episode that will kick off the rest of the sixth season. With all the spoilers and teasers that have been released and hinted at, one would think that one would have enough knowledge regarding the upcoming season. However, not all of the beans have been spilled yet, and a recent interview with the executive producer of the show allowed him to delve a little bit further into what these hints and teases mean for the sixth season. Also, several sneak peeks for the first episode of the sixth season, entitled “Mai Ho’oni I Ka Wai Lana Malie” (“Do Not Disturb the Water that is Tranquil”).

WARNING: This article will contain spoilers for the sixth season of “Hawaii Five-0” and for Season 6 Episode 1 “Mai Ho’oni I Ka Wai Lana Malie” (“Do Not Disturb the Water that is Tranquil”).

Recently, “Hawaii Five-o’s” executive producer, Peter Lenkov, sat down with TV Line in order to delve a little bit further into the little hints and teases that have been released to eager fans and viewers over the summer.


First off, Lenkov teased that there will be an episode centering on the “bromance” between Lieutenant Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) and Detective Danny Williams (Scott Caan), as the two will be continuing their mandated couple’s therapy sessions by actually going to a couple’s retreat.

Lenkov also teased that some of the stories that fans and viewers will be seeing this season will become a little bit personal for all of the characters, which will give each character a chance to be in the spotlight.

With regards to Danny and his newfound son, Danny will be bonding more with him, and it was hinted that fans and viewers will be seeing Danny trying to take a more active role in raising his son.

However, Grace Williams (Teilor Grubbs) will also cause her father to worry, as he will have to infiltrate a party in the North Shore in order to bring a rebellious Grace home.

Captain Lou Grover (Chi McBride) will also have his chance to shine as the storyline regarding his best friend who murdered his wife while on vacation in Hawaii, an episode that debuted in the last half of the season last year, will also wrap up this season.

When it comes to the romance department, it seems like things won’t be smooth sailing all the way for newly married couple Officer Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park) and Adam Noshimuri (Ian Anthony Dale); and for the newly reunited Steve and Catherine Rollins (Michelle Borth), especially as CarterMatt teased that Catherine will be making a huge decision that will also affect her relationship with Steve. However, Detective Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim) will be the one finally getting some action in that department after a San Francisco detective played by Julie Benz works hand in hand with them for a while.


Lenkov also teased that they still have other surprises in store for their fans and viewers, such as the fact that Carol Burnett, who portrays Steve’s aunt, will be back; as well as a pyromaniac that they met last season; and Flloyd Mayweather Jr. will be featured in an episode all about boxing.

Spoiler TV also recently released several sneak peeks which gave several hints as what to expect in the first episode of the season.

The first clip gave a sneak peek as to where things will pick up, as it featured Kono’s and Adam’s first dance together, and their first introduction into the world as the newly minted Mr. and Mrs. Noshimuri.

The second clip featured Steve and Danny in his car, where Danny and Steve bickered about the fact that Steve hadn’t talked to Catherine Rollins (Michelle Borth) yet about her future plans. Steve then told Danny that he was going to ask Catherine to marry him, and finished the conversation off by telling Danny that he was going to pick what tuxedos they were going to wear.

The last clip gave a little glimpse as to what to expect when it came to the case of the week, as Jerry Ortega (Jorge Garcia), who had set up camp in Steve’s office, informed Steve that the woman that they had bumped into during the course of the case was the actual descendant of a local legendary pirate who was notorious in Hawaii.

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