Hawaii Five-o Recap: La Po’ino (Doomsday)

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Hawaii Five-o Recap: La Po’ino (Doomsday)
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“Hawaii Five-0” Season 5 Episode 13 “La Po’ino (Doomsday)” aired last Friday, Jan. 30, 2015, at 9 PM on CBS. In this episode, Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett (Alex O’ Loughlin), Joe White (Terry O’ Quinn) and the Five-0 Task Force raced against time to stop a weaponized new strain of Bird Flu from starting a worldwide pandemic after Joe’s charge, Mitch Lange, the first American to contract the new strain, was abducted while on the way to Trippler Army Medical Hospital to receive an injection that could save his life. Along the way, Steve learned some news from Joe regarding his mother, who was working again with the CIA. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Joe White (Terry O’Quinn), now retired from the Navy and doing private security work, and his charge, Mitch Lange, an emergency management specialist with the Air Force landed at Hickam Airfield, where Joe met up with Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett (Alex O’ Loughlin), whom he had asked to help him escort Mitch to Trippler Army Hospital. It turned out that Mitch had been in Manila, Philippines, and while there, he contracted H5N4, a new strain of Bird Flu, which had an 85% mortality rate, and was the first ever American to contract the virus.

On the way to Trippler, after a rocky start, Joe reassured Steve that he would answer all of his questions regarding his mother, Doris. Steve then informed Joe that he had found out that his mother had taken care of Wo Fat after she had mistakenly killed Wo Fat’s mother instead of his father, during a mission for the CIA. He also revealed to Joe that he felt what Doris had done was a crime and that he had killed Wo Fat. However, before Joe could say anything else, two wrecking balls crashed into their car and the car behind the van that held Mitch Lange. Steve’s car went turn turtle, and Steve managed to shoot one of the men in construction vests, with automatic weapons. However, the men were able to make off with the van and Lange.

After Steve freed Joe from his seat, he contacted Lieutenant Detective Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim), who was at the Five-0 Task Force Headquarters, and together they located Lange’s van. However, when Steve got there, he discovered that the men had taken Lange. Because of this, Steve told Chin Ho to contact CDC and Homeland because they might have a national security situation on their hands as the kidnappers might use the virus as a weapon, especially as the entire attack had been well coordinated.

Detective Danny Williams (Scott Caan) scolded Steve and Joe when he arrived at Trippler Army Hospital. He then informed them that Hawaii was on lockdown and that there were checkpoints at every airport on the island to make sure that the kidnappers and Lange would not get off the island, which meant that the entire Hawaii might be exposed to the virus.

At the scene of the abduction, Dr. Max Bergman (Masi Oka) took the body of the man that Steve had shot in order to try to see who he was. Meanwhile, Chin Ho and Officer Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park) wondered how the abductors had known where and when to kidnap Lange as the decision to move him had been made 72 hours ago.

Meanwhile, at an underground military operations center, Joe visited Lange’s family, who had been placed there for his safety. There, he reassured the wife that they were doing their best to find her husband so that he could receive the serum that he badly needed in order to survive.

At the medical examiner’s office, Max told them that he had found charred burlap and pine needles in John Doe’s nostrils, and Joe and Steve decided to run the man’s face and prints through Interpol and other agencies since the man had seen a lot of battle before and was probably military judging from the large amount of shrapnel in his body.

At the Five-0 Task Force Headquarters, Chin Ho, Kono and Captain Lou Grover (Chi McBride) met up with the local CDC director who informed them that the reason why the abductors had known that Lange was being moved to Oahu was because of a breach into their server which had just happened. They were then told that Homeland had already labelled it as an act of terrorism, and the NTAS alert had been raised to that of an imminent threat. They were then told that since the new strain had begun, there were already around 1,413 deaths in the Philippines and it could only be transmitted via direct human contact, with an incubating period of a few hours to 21 days, and that Lange desperately needed the serum they had just created that afternoon. They were then told that if one were to weaponize the virus, they would need to draw his blood, a specialist to keep the virus stable, an uninterrupted power supply and specialized equipment in order to create a laboratory. They then started to follow up on those leads.

Meanwhile, in Hauala, Honolulu, a man came out of a barn, which held the biosafety laboratory and Lange, to go out to a field, where a man tending bees sprayed powder on them.

Meanwhile, in Steve’s car, Joe reassured Steve that he had reached out to several contacts in order to find Doris, and his contact from Homeland told him that the dead John Doe was Zaheer Marina, a man who had been part of the Kosovo Liberation Army before it disbanded. Chin Ho then informed Steve that a  virologist named Dr. Howard Rennick (Braddoc de Caires) had been absent for class for three days at Oahu State University, and his credit card showed that he had bought specialized equipment to create a laboratory.

They then went to Rennick’s home, where they fought several armed men. They found Mrs. Rennick, who identified Zaheer Marina, and she informed them that several men had abducted her husband and threatened to kill her if he didn’t do as they asked. Lou then discovered that two of the dead men inside the house were terrorists and were old CIA assets to a man named Michael Carson (Mikal Vega), who, before working for the CIA, ran a Federal Task Force ThinkTank with several scientists dedicated to running simulations of possible biowarfare scenarios. He had been released one year ago from prison after the CIA discovered that he was using the war in Afghanistan as his personal ATM and had been caught smuggling gold into the United States.

Meanwhile, at Oahu State University, they learned from Dr. Rennick’s mentee that he would be able to weaponize it by freeze drying the blood with the virus and by turning it into a fine powder that could be made into a bioweapon. The mentee also informed Danny and Kono that H5N4 was considered a slate wiper, meaning that the virus could create a pandemic that could possibly wipe out the population of the entire world.

Meanwhile, Carson ran a test case on a poor unsuspecting victim using bees inside a locked room, which was a success.

Back at the Five-0 Headquarters, they realized that charred burlap and pine needles were commonly found in bee smokers. Since the commerce of bees is heavily monitored, Chin Ho cross-referenced purchases of bees with addresses that had large amounts of kilowatts as they needed uninterrupted power. Thanks to this, they were able to locate the barn where Lange was being held. They were able to storm the barn and take out some men, but in the process, Carson and another man got away and started the truck with the infected bees.

Because of this, Joe went after them and fought with Carson inside the truck. However, after killing Carson, since the bees had gotten lose at the back of the van, in order to “neutralize the threat,” Joe drove the truck straight into the water, where he was fished out by the CDC and was placed under quarantine for 21 days just to be safe.

Thanks to them, Rennick was reunited with his wife, and Lange managed to get the serum he needed, which stabilized his vitals. Steve then visited Joe and told him that Carson had been planning to ship the bees to Washington DC, where the bees would be shipped all over the country and be released so that everyone would get infected. Joe then apologized to Steve and told him that he had learned that Doris had not checked in with her handlers as she was supposed to, which meant that she was either “dead or off the grid.” He then promised Steve that as soon as he got out, they would look for her together. Steve then told him that he trusted him, but as soon as he got back into the car with Danny, it was revealed that he had succeeded in planting a bug to watch him, because he clearly did not trust him—of the many years that Joe had lied to him in order to protect him and to ensure Doris’ safety.

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