Hayek’s Husband in Nasty Battle

By admin | 7 years ago

Francois-Henri Pinault the billionaire fashion CEO husband of Salma Hayek, is going through a big child support legal battle with Linda Evangelista, his ex-girlfriend and there are a number of accusations coming from both parties.

Pinault, on Thursday in family court in Manhattan, testified that the length of his relationship with the Canadian model, which produced a son, was just seven days old when she announced she was pregnant. He also told the court he did not have any say in her having the baby.

When Pinault’s lawyer asked his client if Evangelista had taken steps to get pregnant, he replied, “Well, she is able to answer that, but I believe so.”

According to Pinault there was no arrangement made about finances for the child. He told the court that the model did not ask about money and he did not offer any. However, he told the court that when Evangelista came to him in 2011 asking for money, he accepted in less than 20 minutes.

The lawyer for Evangelista, who is attempting to lock up monthly payments for child support, told the court that Pinault was at first pleased when he learned that Evangelista was pregnant, but quickly changed his attitude and requested she terminate the pregnancy. As far as money is concerned, the lawyer said Pinault made is obvious from the start that he was not going to give Evangelista money for the child.

The daughter of Hayek and Pinault was mentioned in the court when Evangelista’s lawyer said while the money the couple spends on their daughter should not be a benchmark for the payment for Evangelista and Pinault’s son, it at least should be taken into account when the judge makes his decision.

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