HBO Adapts British Series ‘Utopia’ as Show Ends Run in the UK

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
HBO Adapts British Series ‘Utopia’ as Show Ends Run in the UK
Gone Girl Premiere at the 52nd New York Film Festival, October 2014.

The stylish conspiracy drama “Utopia” ends its two season run in the United Kingdom. But HBO is adapting the show for the American audience with no less than “Gone Girl’s” Gillian Flynn and David Fincher putting it together as writer and director respectively. Read on for the details.

According to Den of Geek, Channel 4 has officially canceled the conspiracy series “Utopia” from its line-up. The show, which is marked by its uniquely mesmerizing visuals and a compellingly unpredictable storyline, is about a group of people who are readers and followers of a graphic novel, “The Utopia Experiments.” The novel is rumored to have clues and leads into some of the most devastating world events and the group has the manuscript to its sequel. This made them the target of a secret operative called The Network, who has no qualms about killing anyone just to get the manuscript in their possession.

Dennis Kelly created the series, which aired in the United Kingdom for two seasons between January 2013 and August 2014. It received a lot of critical raves for its quality and originality but despite this, the show failed to appeal to huge ratings, according to the Den of Geek article.

HBO, however, is keen on taking the series to the United States, first announcing the adaptation back in February 2014. In September, it was confirmed in various news sites that David Fincher will be directing the whole first season of the HBO adaptation, with Gillian Flynn coming aboard as writer. The two have recently worked together in the blockbuster film “Gone Girl.”

“I like the characters – I love Dennis’s [Kelly, creator of the UK show] honesty and affinity for the nerds. I mean, I’ve always been a bit of a junior conspiracy theorist cos I don’t have time to connect them all! But it’s nice to see that somebody has,” said Fincher in an interview with The Guardian, when asked about working on “Utopia.”

Flynn and Fincher are expected to start working on “Utopia” for HBO by 2015 and the director said that this project will be taking his time for the rest of that year.

We’ll be keeping tabs on updates for the American version of the U.K. conspiracy series “Utopia,” so do follow our stories here on Movie News Guide (MNG).

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