HBO, CBS Set Up Streaming Service

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
HBO, CBS Set Up Streaming Service
HBO Logo. 2005. Wikimedia Commons/HBO

TV is indeed changing. Recognizing the potential of streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime, broadcast networks like HBO and CBS are now jumping on the bandwagon. These networks will soon be offering streaming service specifically for broadband viewers. Read on for the details.

HBO and CBS have unveiled their newest plans. The networks will be offering programming on VOD (or video on demand) to cater to the more progressive viewers. According to various news sources, HBO will be launching their streaming service in 2015 for those who have no HBO cable subscriptions, while CBS has an operational streaming site already in place.

HBO’s Streaming Service

What is clear right now is that HBO plans a 2015 launch for their latest offering. Like Netflix, it will be a stand-alone system, which means that even if a viewer has no HBO on cable, they will still be able to watch their old and current favorite HBO programs via the streaming service. Price packages and content have not yet been detailed, but as with most streaming sites, it will be expected to be considerably less than what is offered by the cable service. Currently, HBO cable subscription on cable is at $16 monthly in the United States.

The cable network has a standing deal with Amazon Prime, and experts are still analyzing how this will impact the arrangement or cable broadcasting in general. HBO’s biggest advantage, however, is that it already owns licenses to various movies, so that when the streaming service does become operational, it will expectedly have a better line up than what Netflix is offering.

CBS’s Streaming Service

Called CBS All Access, subscribers can stream their favorite CBS programs on the site for a value price of $5.99 monthly.  The service is initially offered in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, Boston, Chicago, Dallas and seven other markets as of Oct. 16, 2014. Subscribers will be able to watch CBS’ current slate of shows anytime, anywhere. There are also special shows like awards presentations and CBS classics like "Twin Peaks" and "Cheers." The shows, by the way, come with the usual ads, like those on television.

The lineup and markets of All Access will be expanded in due time, but the streaming site nearly has everything CBS owns on television. Its price range is also competitive, compared to Netflix’s $8.99 monthly subscription and Amazon Prime’s $8.25 monthly subscription. However, it has been confirmed in various reports that football games will not be part of All Access.

CBS is the first of the Big 4 to offer such a system. When will ABC, NBC, FOX follow suit?

And that’s the news about HBO and CBS already setting up their stand-alone streaming service sites for those who love watching television on broadband. Will you be subscribing to the service? For more television news, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/HBO

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