HBO To Release ‘True Detective’ Season 3 Out Of The Box; Nic Pizolatto Shares Concept

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
HBO To Release ‘True Detective’ Season 3 Out Of The Box; Nic Pizolatto Shares Concept
Michael Lombardo is keen on releasing “True Detective” Season 3.

HBO’s president of programming Michael Lombardo seemed to be eyeing for “True Detective” Season 3. Will Nic Pizzolatto pursue a third installment of the American crime drama series? Read on for more details.

“True Detective” was a hit for HBO, and Michael Lombardo reportedly wanted to air another installment.

Despite suffering from sinking ratings, Lombardo was hoping that Nic Pizzolatto, 39, would pursue “True Detective” Season 3, The Hollywood Reporter stated. And it seemed that Pizolatto had already in mind how the third installment of the show would end.

Pizzolatto had “The Big Lebowski” in mind as the third installment’s inspiration. He told The Hollywood Reporter once that he wanted to have a Raymond Chandler-esque play involving two characters.

But if fans would ask if there would be “True Detective” Season 4, they might be disappointed with Pizolatto’s answer to reporters at Banff World Media. He implied the show would stop at “True Detective” Season 3.

“I mean, the job is exhausting to begin with, but it’s doubly exhausting and I’m writing every episode. I can’t imagine I would do this more than three years,” Pizolatto said in a report by Calgary Herald.

Pizolatto revealed that in the past, his attitude was to create each season as if it was a brand new TV series. And having them work as independent and unique to every installment was very tiring.

Pizolatto also implied that he doesn’t like the idea of a show having growing pains. He said that if it works, it has to work out of the box, which could be seen in the past two seasons of “True Detective.”

So, it seemed “True Detective” Season 3 is happening. As for its release date, HBO is yet to make an official statement.

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Photo source: Facebook/“True Detective”

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