Heartthrob Henry Cavill Confesses TO Be A Relationship Man!

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Heartthrob Henry Cavill Confesses TO Be A Relationship Man!
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Man from U.N.C.L.E is out and Henry Cavill is in news again. Henry Cavill recently revealed that he liked confident women.

Henry Cavill got really candid with the Cosmopolitan Magazine recently. He told the interviewers that he was into confident women. He liked women who are comfortable in their own skin. He claimed that most women try too hard to put on a front. They are always pretending to be someone they are not. So, for him, it has got to be a woman who isn’t pretending to be someone else. “Someone who hasn’t got a front is very attractive,” he declared candidly.

Cavill also declared that he likes women who can hold a drink. He would like to play a drinking game with the woman of his dreams. He said that he would be impressed if his girl could drink a Jack and Coke with him and order a few more rounds just to keep up with him. Way to go, Henry! Jack and Coke is a perfect start for a lady. It is common knowledge that girls don’t like whiskey all that much. The coke will drown out the acrid taste of the whiskey and lady will feel hydrated with the water of the coke enough to order another round.

Henry Cavill also revealed that he wasn’t always a hit with the ladies. While growing up, he was pretty awkward around girls and didn’t know many girls who fancied him at the time. His first kiss was when he was twelve and the girl who kissed him didn’t linger on to plant another one on him! So, he is extremely delighted to be labelled as a desirable eligible bachelor these days and is still looking to start a relationship with the woman of his dreams. Since he is also a relationship man, one night stands isn’t his style, reports Hamilton Spectator. Way to go Henry!

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Photo Source: Facebook / Henry Cavill

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