Heaven Is for Real Movie Review [WATCH VIDEO]

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Heaven Is for Real Movie Review [WATCH VIDEO]
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“Heaven Is for Real” premiered in U.S. theatres on April 11, 2014. The faith-based drama film is directed by Randall Wallace and written by Chris Parker. The film featured an ensemble cast which includes Greg Kinnear (Todd Burpo), Kelly Reilly (Sonja), Connor Corum (Colton), Jacob Vargas (Michael) and Nancy Sorel (Dr. Slater). Read on to find out more about the “Heaven Is for Real” movie review and a brief synopsis of the film.

“Heaven Is for Real” Film Synopsis:

“Heaven Is for Real” is based on the on the best-selling Christian novel of the same name written by Pastor Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent. Producer Joe Roth leads the film production under TriStar Pictures.

The story follows how Nebraska Pastor Todd Burpo (Gregg Kinnear) and his family dealt with the confession of the toddler Colton Burpo. The kid revealed to his family that he had made it to heaven during his emergency operation.

His family started to know the truth behind his confession when he shared details of the family’s deepest secrets that were not said to the boy. Colton said that he had met their deceased great-grandfather and his sister who died from a miscarriage.

“Heaven Is for Real” Movie Review:

According to Forbes, 2014 is indeed the blockbuster year for biblical and faith-based films. If the film reaches its target box office revenue on its first five days, it will join the roster of the blockbuster films that continued to rake millions in theatres.

Forbes also reported that these films earned millions of dollars despite having low budgets. “God’s Not Dead” has earned $42 million on a $2 million budget while “Son of God” earned $59 million.

Rotten Tomatoes reported that  79 % or a whopping 20,251 site users (as of this writing) liked “Heaven Is for Real.”

Unfortunately, Rotten Tomatoes also reported that “Heaven Is For Real” got mixed reviews from the critics. The film got a rating of 53% based on 59 reviews.

David Lewis of San Francisco Chronicle said that the idea of “heaven” seemed to be too profound to be filmed that it leads to the diminishing of the boy’s personal experience.

New York Post’s Lou Lumenick seemed to agree with this statement and shared what he thought of the film.

“The makers of “Heaven Is for Real” should have had the faith to let audiences decide whether little Colton is telling the truth about his near-death experience without resorting to the digital equivalent of dry ice,” posted Lumenick in the New York Post article.

On the other hand, Dallas Morning News and Los Angeles Times gave the film some good reviews.

David Martindale of Dallas News praised the film as another booster for the faith-based film making industry.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles Times’ Betsy Sharkey complimented the good rapport between Kinnear and his on-screen son, the newcomer Connor Corum.

“It is the rapport between Kinnear and the boy that really holds the film together. They make the father-son relationship believable in a way that grounds “Heaven” and gives it some of its best moments,” posted Sharkey on her Los Angeles Times article.

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