Heigl’s ‘State of Affairs’ Axed

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Heigl’s ‘State of Affairs’ Axed
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We really didn’t get our hopes up for “State of Affairs” to be renewed so when NBC axed it, it came as no surprise. Read on.

The series stars Katherine Heigl as a CIA analyst. At first, its debut has garnered such high ratings, thanks to Heigl who has made a name in the industry and was a part of “Grey’s Anatomy” before she took on the movie industry as well. However, Deadline reported that after that the show’s ratings continuously dropped and its season finale. It ended in a cliffhanger has only acquired 4.4 million viewers.

That may be the network’s cue to decide whether or not they will axe the show.

The cancellation of “State of Affairs” is something that we did see coming. There are so many political drama out there and we wanted something different and at first we thought, considering Heigl’s starring in it, that it would be a good one but it turns out to be just like the rest. That doesn’t mean that the other shows similar to “SOA’s” concept is not good but watching the same concept gets old. We would rather stick to the reigning ones who launched the concept first before watching another one that sometimes come off as trying too hard.

Now, the question is what’s next for Heigl?

Well so far, no news yet but she tweeted something following the announcement of “SOA’s” cancellation.

“So grateful to all the cast, crew & fans of #StateOfAffairs for your support. Working hard to find a new home – stories still to tell!” Heigl said.

Maybe she’s looking for a new TV show to star in but we can rest assure that it’s not a Shonda Rhimes’ show because we are all aware of the feud between these two.

Well, let’s just hope for the best for Heigl! We’re pretty sure she’ll find her home soon because she’s an amazing actress!

What do you think of the show’s cancellation? Let us know by posting your comments below!

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