Helen Mirren on ‘Red 2’: “I’m there. Absolutely”

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Helen Mirren on ‘Red 2’: “I’m there. Absolutely”

For those fans eager to see Red 2 hit theaters sooner rather than later, news of Helen Mirren’s huge interest in the planned sequel will come as great news.

Mirren, 65, told MTV that it wouldn’t take much for the Oscar winner to appear in Red 2. When asked what it would take for The Queen actress to reprise her Victoria character, she responded with “Nothing, just get me the script. You don’t have to do anything. I’m there. Absolutely.”

Red earned $165 million worldwide when it opened last October. The film centers on a group of aged former CIA agents who are thrust back into action. Red was nominated for a Golden Globe in the Best Action Movie category.

After the success of Red, Summit tapped Jon and Erich Hoeber to pen Red 2. No official word on who will be returning but with Mirren potentially on board, the rest of the cast, including Bruce Willis and John Malkovich, will surely be there.

No word on when Red 2 will slated to hit theaters.

Mirren can be seen in the upcoming Russell Brand comedy, Arthur, on April 8th

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