Hell on Wheels Season 4 Recap: Episode 1 [WATCH VIDEO]

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Hell on Wheels Season 4 Recap: Episode 1 [WATCH VIDEO]
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Previously on “Hell on Wheels” Season 4 Episode 1 “The Elusive Eden” (air date: Aug. 2, 2014), there was a disaster and a lot of threats. The first episode was truly a struggle for some of its characters. Read on for the full recap.

Upon hearing the news, Cullen decided not to leave Naomi, his pregnant wife, in Fort Worth. He told Naomi and Aaron, Naomi’s father, about not trusting Swede. Cullen also confessed to his wife that he is a killer and that he worked on the railroad to take revenge.

When Naomi gave birth, Bohannon wanted to return to Hell on Wheels with Naomi and her child. He told Swede all about it.  Swede did not like this idea, and he threatened Bohannon that he would not let that happen, but Cullen was determined to go and risk it.

On the railroad, Durant worked hard to finish everything. He even risked the lives of his workers in order to go over the tracks on thin ice.  Something disastrous happened that needed Durant to raise funds. He thought of doing it with the newly elected mayor of Cheyenne, Mickey. They auctioned off real estate in order to raise funds to repair the damage on the tracks. The auction did not please Maggie Palmer.

Meanwhile, Martin Delaney was elected as the new chief engineer. He also was keeping tabs on Durant as he was the one who killed his daughter.  Durant was aware of this, and he threatened him to back off,  but Delaney refused to do so. Eva was now working at Mickey’s bordello, but she got attacked by a patron, and she was so shocked by this that she let Mickey give her a bath.

In other news, Ulysses S. Grant was too preoccupied with his campaign that he was missing out on what’s happening in Cheyenne. At the same time, he really did not want to get involved on any of it, so he appointed John Campbell as governor of Wyoming.

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