Hell on Wheels Season 4 Recap: Thirteen Steps

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Hell on Wheels Season 4 Recap: Thirteen Steps
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In “Hell on Wheels” Season 4 Episode 12 “Thirteen Steps,” Cullen was still fighting hard to save Ruth from execution. However, what can he do if Ruth herself doesn’t want to be saved? Read on for the recap.

Nobody in Cheyenne really wants Ruth to be hanged for the death of Snow, and Cullen was willing to testify that Ruth only shot Stone to save him. Still, Ruth wouldn’t budge and told him that she deserved to be punished for that crime, and because of that, Campbell was left with no choice but to declare that she’s guilty and schedule her execution.

Still, Cullen didn't give up and talked to Campbell, in which Campbell agrees but clearly told him that if the woman wants to die, they can’t do anything about it. Ruth was still determined to die. Even Mickey tried to threaten Campbell to save Ruth, but they just can’t.

Louise came to Campbell to threaten him that she will write something bad about him in the newspaper if he continues with Ruth’s execution, but even Campbell doesn’t know how he can keep Ruth alive.

When the execution was almost there, Cullen visited Ruth in her cell. He tried to talk her out of it. Ruth even asked Cullen if he loves her, and Cullen answered her yes, and that made her go with the execution.

In the end, Ruth was hanged. Just when things were starting to go back to normal in Cheyenne and as they continue with the Transcontinental Railroad work, Cullen hit us by saying he quits.

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