‘Hell On Wheels’ Season 6 Update: Canceled But Spin-Off Order Likely Happens Post Season 5 Finale?

By Disha Mashelkar | 2 years ago
‘Hell On Wheels’ Season 6 Update: Canceled But Spin-Off Order Likely Happens Post Season 5 Finale?
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The interesting historical drama “Hell on Wheels” will end after the Season 5 finale. The series is not renewed for next season. But fans of the series are still hoping that a spin-off of the series would take place. Nonetheless, a spin-off is not officially revealed but still remains a possibility.

The AMC show “Hell on Wheels” shows a gritty period that chronicles the story of building the first Transcontinental Railroad in the United States. Specifically, the story focuses on character Cullen Bohannon (Anson Mount), who is a former Confederate soldier and while working as chief engineer on the railroad, initially attempts to track down the Union soldiers who murdered his wife and young son during the American Civil War. The old era is wisely created and produced by Joe Gayton and Tony Gayton.

Perhaps the cancelation of the series is quite related to the ratings of the show. And “Hell on Wheels” failed on that note. According to TV Series Finale, ratings of the series dropped lower and lower that AMC decided to cancel the show, making Season 5 the last series to be aired. But the speculations stay that the series might get a spin-off.

AMC has earlier made a spin-off of its other popular shows such as “The Walking Dead” with its companion spin-off series “Fear the Walking Dead.” Hence, the network might think of continuing “Hell on Wheels” in this direction.

The cast of the show includes Anson Mount, Colm Meaney, Christopher Heyerdahl, Robin McLeavy, Jennifer Ferrin, Phil Burke, Tim Guinee, Dohn Norwood, Reg Rogers, Byron Mann, A. Zhou, Tzi Ma and MacKenzie Porter.

The finale of “Hell on Wheels” is titled “Done.” The synopsis reveals that the golden spike, government hearings and unpredictable actions mean new beginnings and endings for the survivors. It will air on AMC network on July 23.


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