Hell on Wheels Season 4 Recap: Elam Ferguson

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Hell on Wheels Season 4 Recap: Elam Ferguson
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In the latest episode of “Hell on Wheels,” Episode 7 “Elam Ferguson,” someone’s out for vengeance, while we witnessed another death. Read on for the full recap of this episode.

Cullen found Durant badly injured in a railcar. He dressed his wounds, while Durant explained to him what happened. He said that it was Heckard who beat him. Upon hearing this, Cullen told him that if ever they come back and found him alive, they would surely kill him. However, Durant told him that he plans to kill all of them first before they get to him, but Cullen wasn’t really up for this idea. As for Cullen, he needed to get what he wants. He was finally able to get it by getting Durant to sign a blank sheet of Union Pacific so he will be able to order what he needs for his plan on the railroad.

Meanwhile, Elam was still traumatized after the bear attack.  Ezra saw Elam when he got on Hell on Wheels with three women. He then ran to Cullen to tell him. Cullen was so happy to hear this news that he immediately got on his horse and went to Elam only to be disappointed because Elam didn’t recognize him at all. To make matters worse, the reason that three women accompanied Elam was because he intended to sell them in a public auction in town. Cullen discouraged Elam from doing it, but seemed decided.

Durant went to Campbell to inform him about the attack, but he was not sympathetic at all and reminded him that he is going to take over the railroad and insisted that what Heckard did was not ordered. Campbell was all for peace, so he told Durant that he will have Heckard banished and arrange for him to leave once the first train arrives. As for Durant, this wasn’t enough. He also arranged to be on the same train. When he got there, ready to seek vengeance, he was in for a surprise when he found Abby Delaney.

Abby remained suspicious of Durant. When they saw each other, she immediately asked him if he had anything to do with the disappearance of his father. Durant denied the accusation and told her that her father might have commited suicide. However, we all know what he really did — he was the one behind the senator’s death, and he wasn’t through with murdering people yet because his plan was still in motion, and he was so ready to kill Heckard.

When Elam arrived in town, he auctioned the three women. Eva tried to talk to him out of this, but to no avail. Campbell arrived and saw everything, and they were ready to take Elam down and rescue the three women. However, Cullen was to the rescue when he talked to Elam to get him out of his delusion. Elam was in a really bad state. When Cullen was trying to talk him out of his delusion, he pulled a knife on him and was ready to stab him when Cullen twisted his arm around and stabbed him with his own knife, and then he shot him. Eva reminded Cullen that Elam was attacked by a bear because he was looking for him. But now that Elam is dead, Cullen took the responsibility to be the one to bury him.

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