Hell on Wheels Season 4 Recap: Escape from the Garden

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Hell on Wheels Season 4 Recap: Escape from the Garden
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Cullen was still fighting for the freedom of his wife and his baby, while Durant gained a new enemy. Read on for the full recap of “Hell on Wheels” Season 4 Episode 2 “Escape from the Garden.”

Swede was still pretending to be Bishop Dutson, and Cullen had already warned him about this. He told him that he was planning to leave Fort Smith. Aaron Hatch doesn’t want them to go, and he told Cullen that the Mormon elders have voted for him to stay. However, Cullen was set, and he said that he was still leaving.

Meanwhile, Ezra seemed to be rebelling as we saw him set free the horses in the corral, much to Ruth’s dismay who has been watching over him. Rattled by Ezra’s bad behavior, he went to Durant and asked for his advice whether he should let go of Ezra or not. Surprisingly, Durant gave a very sympathetic advice to Ruth, telling her that she should let Ezra stay, love him and make sure that she keeps him away from his stockyards.

Durant was dealing with heavier problems when John Campbell arrived to claim his new position as the provisional governor of Wyoming and was adamant to implement the law with little mercy. When someone got convicted for a crime, John Campbell immediately took action and captured the criminal. This upset Durant and told Campbell that it was not how they do it in Cheyenne, but Campbell was set on his own ways and remained stubborn because this time, he was changing how thing works in Cheyenne.

Cullen, who really wants to get out of town, came up with a scheme to expose the true identity of Swede. He pretended that he wanted to convert, and this made Bishop Dutson very pleased. A large crowd of people circled them, while Cullen got into the process of his “religious conversion.” During that, he then revealed his true identity and the Mormons got so angry at Swede, and this was Cullen’s call to leave with Naomi and their baby.

On their way to their destination, Cullen and his family came across a lone Indian, but they were able to manage to push through and reach their destination. When they got there, he got some bad news from Psalms, telling him that they haven’t seen Elam for a while now, and he might be dead. Naomi got curious and asked Cullen who Elam is. Cullen couldn’t answer her directly. The truth is, Elam is his only one true friend in the world.

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