Hell on Wheels Season 4 Recap: Life Is a Mystery

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Hell on Wheels Season 4 Recap: Life Is a Mystery
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In the latest episode of “Hell on Wheels,” “Life Is a Mystery,” someone from the past has returned, but it looks he doesn’t have any good things to deliver. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Sydney Snow was able to escape his execution in Mexico, but it was a rough escape because he had to gun down some people. He made his way to Cheyenne where he was reunited with his former comrade in arms — Cullen Bohannon. Cullen was not really happy with this “reunion” as he didn’t want to recall the times that he spent in the battlefield. Still, he helped Sydney to get a job at the railroad, but he wasn’t appreciative of Sydney’s insensitive comments about Psalms and other black workers. Despite all these, he still invited him to share their tent.

At Fort Smith, Brigham Young arrived to pass judgment on The Swede. He knew right away that he’s not the real Bishop, but he didn’t let them execute him because he thinks that he will be of use to him. As for Campbell, he still continued to take control of Cheyenne. This time around, he disallowed the use of guns at the saloon. Durant attempted to destroy Campbell’s headquarters, but Campbell wasn’t happy about this and threatened him that he will not only get his city from him but his railroad as well.

Back at Cullen and Naomi’s tent, Sydney was telling them a story, in which Cullen was hesitant at first because he really did not want to hear any war stories, but Sydney insisted. While he was telling his story, Cullen was able to analyze that there was a reason why Sydney was in Cheyenne, and he thought that he must have done a crime somewhere and was running away from it. It didn’t take long to confirm his suspicions because some Mexican gentlemen arrived to seize Sydney. Of course, Sydney would not go down without a fight, and he shot several Mexicans and other civilians and even came close to shooting Naomi. The good thing was that Cullen was there to stop the whole thing, and he had the chance to shot Sydney. However, he did not, only to regret this decision when he visited him in jail.

Mickey tried to get himself a drink at his former saloon, but Marshal Jessup did not allow him to buy himself a drink. Furious, he attacked and choked the marshal and did not even dispose of his body. Heckard, Jessup’s best friend, found his body and assumed that it was Durant who did it, so he went to Durant and assaulted him.

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