Hell on Wheels Season 4 Recap: Two Trains

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Hell on Wheels Season 4 Recap: Two Trains
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Dying to know what happened last Saturday night on “Hell on Wheels” Season 4 Episode 9 “Two Trains?” Then you’re on the right page because we have the full recap for you.

Cullen went to Snow to demand the freedom of Durant and the other railroad employees. Snow, not easily swayed and not responsive to threats, did not give in to Cullen’s request. Of course, Cullen did not want blood on his hands and tried a different approach by telling him that Campbell is now “carpetbagger.” Still, Snow wouldn’t budge. He was also confident that Cullen wouldn’t hurt him, but he was proven otherwise when his mouth got punched in by Cullen.

Cullen learned that Mickey was in town, so he immediately went to find Mickey inside Ruth’s church. He persuaded him to join him as well as the others. At first, Mickey wasn’t comfortable acting against Campbell. Finally, Mickey gave in just before Ruth can help Cullen in persuading him. Ruth also told Cullen how much of an evil Snow is.

Later on, Cullen got into Durant’s office to get the key to access the armory, but it wasn’t there, so he demanded help from Dulaney. In order to persuade Dulaney to get him the key, he told him his real purpose when why needs it, and that won Dulaney over.

Campbell invited Louise in his hotel room, and things got pretty intimate between them. It was surprising that Louise did not even struggle or hesitated when Campbell was undressing her. Campbell was surprised that Louise easily gave in to him after their lovemaking. There was something rather strange here… Is Louise playing Campbell or is it the other way around?

Cullen went back to Snow, trying to reason out with him for the last time, but Snow just wouldn’t budge. Not long after that, Snow arrested Mickey and put him in jail, beat him up and interrogated him about Cullen’s plans. At first, Mickey was trying his hardest not to spill what he knows, but the beating got the better of him, and he revealed Cullen’s plan — Cullen will try to spring his men on their way to Omaha.

Mickey got tossed into a cell with the people from Union Pacific, and they all hated him for ratting out on Cullen. However, he revealed that he got a key to that shackles that they have to wear when they are to be transported. It turned out that everything was due to the plans made by Cullen.

Snow and his men did put the prisoners earlier than the scheduled time because of what Mickey told them. When the train arrived outside Cheyenne, Cullen disentangled the cart from the train after Mickey has unshackled all the prisoners. Snow was already too late to realize that Cullen has already helped the prisoners and has uncrated weapons brought by Delaney. Snow tried to kill and get the prisoners, but they failed. We know that Snow isn’t gone.

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