Hell On Wheels Season 5 Recap: Mei Mei

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Hell On Wheels Season 5 Recap: Mei Mei
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Cullen gets a huge surprise in “Hell on Wheels” Season 5, Episode 2 “Mei Mei.” Read below for the full recap:

Cullen wants to speed up the progress of the Central Pacific construction project. He devised a plan and had the Chinese workers drag the locomotive aboard with the use of a sled. The Chinese workers are busy with the locomotive transportation, but there’s so much snow that needs to be shoveled out of the tracks. Then, t Mormon workers were left to do this arduous task.

Phineas, the head of the Mormon workers wasn’t up for it at first, but The Swede urged him to agree. They did it by reminding him of his father’s deal with the railroad.

Cullen went to Chang’s restaurant to get the workers that he needs. He found out that Chang is selling opium, a painkiller to the workers and he found Fong there buying for his father, Tao, who took a beating in the previous episode. While Tao is recovering, Fong volunteers to be a translator for Cullen’s project, Cullen agrees. They forged a friendship when they found common ground.

As for the Mormon workers, they weren’t prepared for the snow-shaveling task that someone lost his toes due to frostbite. Phineas asked his father for supplies. Bringham Young did so but told him that they won’t get any more supplies until spring. This left Phineas mad but he couldn’t think of a plan B. It was up to the Swede to negotiate with Huntington.  The workers may need to forfeit a few weeks’ salary and they will be given suitable boots for their task. The workers were happy with this news. The Swede told the men that it is Phineas who is responsible for their good fortune. Something’s up here.

Next morning, Cullen was surprised to find that Fong is actually a young woman! She only disguised herself as a man so she could work on the railroad and prove that she is a warrior. Fong asked Cullen to keep her secret safe, but Cullen didn’t make any promises until they tumbled down the mountainside with only a rope to hang onto and Fong saved his life. That’s when he realized that Fong is trustworthy so he promised to keep her secret.

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